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This set consists of 21 frisbees that we specially developed for age 6 and up (12 pcs in 3 colors) and age 9 and up (in white). Rigid enough to be able to throw, light enough to confidently catch. Both frisbees are wfdf approved.

We will include a  free lesson method developed by the skilled frisbee volunteers behind The Ultimate Teacher. In the method you will find over 30 fun frisbee games and exercises. It is meant for PE teachers, sports mentors and frisbee trainers alike.

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The frisbees in this set
The frisbees in this set have been specially developed for the Ultimate Teacher method with the age of the kids in mind. For the youngest kids we accounted for small hands to be able to throw backhand, forehand and hammer throws. The discs weigh 110 grams, so catching can be learnt without fear of getting hurt. The flight characteristics are great, for indoor and outdoor use alike. For the age group 9-14 we redid the wfdf approved 140 grams junior ultimate frisbee in a slightly more flexible plastic. Bot frisbees have been thoroughly tested on the age groups.

We also sell an Ultimate Teacher set for age 6-10 as well as a mixed school frisbeeset age 9-14. If you want to purchase the discs in the North Americas, you can buy it at Daredevil Discs.

Please note: We strongly advise against using foam frisbees. If you want to know more about which frisbees to use for what ages, and how to take care of your frisbees, check out our buying guide. 

Frisbee lesson method included
The Ultimate Teacher method has been developed for maximum fun with a frisbee. The games and exercises match the motoric skills for kids at this age. The method uses clear instructions, is beautifully shaped and sturdily plasticized for everyday use.

Frisbee is a sport that doesn't use penalties, because it's based on fair play. Because of this, the word 'referee' does not occur in the method. The exercises are simple, the kids can apply the rules of the games themselves. Eventually they will be able to play and develop their games without supervision.

The method has been translated in 5 languages, but you are invited by the volunteers from The Ultimate Teacher to translate it into your own language.

Who is the method for?
The method has been written for everybody to use. Whether you are a school teacher, a PE teacher, a community sports coach or an experienced frisbee trainer. Anybody who wants to have fun with kids and a frisbee can use it, whether you want to organise a single lesson, a recruiting clinic or a 6 week frisbee extra curricular.  It is completely modular in the sense that the combinations are endless. You are free to use it as mere inspiration, but also as a literally guideline to follow. And what's very cool: you are actively invited by the volunteers of the Ultimate teacher to contribute to the further development of the method. It's a cummunity built idea.

More about The Ultimate Teacher method
Hans Krens and Daan Remmers have been working for over 8 years on the idea to write down their years of experience in teaching frisbee in schools and to frisbee trainers. The result is a free of charge, community built lesson method, released in 2022 in 5 different languages. Multiple teachers and people from the international Ultimate Frisbee community have contributed to the work on a voluntary bases.

The power of the method is that most basic exercises are already doable for kids age 6, where they can be altered easily for a more developed skill level. There is no equal method in the world today. The kids are having fun using a frisbee, experiencing success and simultaniously developing their skills with a frisbee in their own pace.

Between the exercises there is no hierarchy. This is done knowingly since every group is different as is every setting. Because the method is modular, you can differentiate where you like. You are also fully flexible to put emphasis on certain skills. In other words: ideas are being given, you can be creative.  The symbols in the method make it easy for you to find a suitable exercise quickly.

For more information, go to the website of the ultimate teacher.


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