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Although the SofFlites canine-friendly plastic is very flexible, it still flies very well. SofFlite discs are competition approved and perfect for canines with softer bite or sensative mouths. The disc is not very puncture resistant and less predictable in heavy winds or in distance competition.

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The SofFlite dogfrisbee is made from ultra-soft material. Specially for canines with sensitive mouths. At the same time it doesn't become too heavy to handle. Use the SofFlite to train your puppy or to introduce your adult canine to the pleasures of canine disc play.

Small dogs love also love the SofFlite. Although it is bigger than the Pup versions, you can use it for throwing and catching on bigger distances with smaller dogs. It has a soft bite.

Because of it's flexible softness, light weight and stable flight, the Sofflite is the Ideal kids frisbee for kids age 5 and up. You can make throws of all sorts up to 30 meters comfortably and (more important) learning to catch is not as confronting and painfull as with a normal disc. It becomes fun when the disc hits your body, because of its floppyness.


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