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The Jawz K10 Dogfrisbee is the most puncture resistant official dogfrisbee in the world, but rather floppy. That is why Hyperflite made a MaxQ version, which is more rigid and heavier to make distance throwing easier.

If your dog likes to play rough, but you like to throw more distance, this might be the one for you. But take into account that this disc is not yet allowed in UFO or AWI competitions.

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The Jawz MaxQ is suitable for the bigger dogs, and especially developped for distance throwing. It is available in different colors, but does not float in water. Its flight characteristics are a little different from the Super Hero, because it has a different shape and is a bit more flexible. But it is more biteproof.

Together with the Normal Jawz, the Super Hero and the Eurablend this is a disc for the bigger dogs, If your dog is medium sized, we usually propose the Supersonic from Hero discs.

This Jawz disc features Hyperflites patent pending X-Flash™ Anti-Glare Technology. Glare sometimes interferes with the dogs timing on catching the disc.

Because this frisbee hasn't been developped very long ago, is has not been approved for dogfrisbee competitions.


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Gewicht 150 g
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Drijft in water






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