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When you start playing Disc Golf, you need the correct information at the right time. Otherwise you will risk drowning in the forest of available discs. With this set, you can can send us some information and you can then rely on us to put your set together for you.

A Disc Golf set usually consists of three discs; a Putter, a Midrange and a fairway or distance driver. We can adjust the type of disc, the plastic or even the colour and weight of the discs to fit your individual needs. The more you tell us, the better we can help you. That way you get a set of discs you can actually use for a long time. for instand: You can think of a set consisting of a fairway driver and two putters.

You can add a remark in the comment when you order, or send us an e-mail after ordering, to share specific information you feel is relevant, like:

“This is a gift for a 12 year old girl that is fond of fantasy and pink”,
“I am an Ultimate player and I usually throw the pull endzone to endzone. I want a fairway as well as a distance driver I the set. No Midrange please”,
“I have thrown an Aviar Putter and I want 2 of these, together witt a fairway driver”
“I want 1 distance driver that floats in water”.

Send us that information; we will help you to put your set together. With that set you will build experience and confidence, and we will be able to help you out in the future to make your choice in discs. This is a service we gladly provide, so feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

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  • DX plastic is the least expensive, biut damages more easily when you hit trees or pavement. It also hardens through exposure to UV. Through time, they will become more understable and this process is slow but steady;
  • Champion Plastic is super sturdy and a bit smooth. Hit a tree and the disc will have no damage, the change in flight characteristics over time is close to zero;
  • Star Plastic. Luxurious silky feeling, flexible and grippy enough, the most expensive of the three. When you are serious and you can spend the money, this is the best choice (but also the most expensive).

Choice in Weight: With this, we get a picture of who you are. When you are ordering for a 12 year old kid or a lady of age, the light weight option is best. Sporty ladies or young adults do best to choose ‘Medium weight’. Adult sporty men choose for Heavyweight.

The heavier the discs, the harder it is to master but the more control they will give you in the long run (when you develop your throwing). So when you are very serious about playing a lot and developing your game, you do best by choosing “slightly too heavy”.

Other choices are not mandatory, but will give us more information so we can assist you. You can make a choice and/or send us additional information (remarks in the order / e-mail), or totally leave it to us.

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