Innova Makani (Floats in Water) ENG

“Makani” is Hawaiian for “great wind”. It is designed to ride the breeze and land where you throw it. Low weight and clean true flight dynamics will develop your throwing form for throws inbetween 20 and 50 meters.

The Makani is a fun, lightweight large diameter disc that soars in the wind. It’s actually based upon the true old Zephyr. The Makani is one of the best discs for accuracy contests but can also be used to play all round frisbee gams in the park with the family. It’s one of the few discs that can be used for throw and catch as well aas a one disc round of disc golf.

The Makani can be used as an ultimate disc for kids, it is accepted in Disc Golf competitions and can be used for Accuracy, DDC and MTA/TRC. Discs just do not come more versatile than the Makani.

Play catch, Ultimate, and even disc golf with this versatile flyer. Just A wonderfull frisbee for the casual toss in the park with the family.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
2 7 -2 0

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