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The Tactic is a super-overstable approach disc. Fantastic for putting into strong headwinds. The Disc wants to go left right out of your hand, you can trust it to do so in all conditions (right handed backhand throw). It has the shape of a putter and has a flat top. Together with the grippy feel of the Exo plastic and the rounded edge, it can handle a lot of power and is therefore given speed 4. Officially that is a midrange, bvut throwing putter is more specific for it’s use. It feels nice on the release.

More and more players use a putter to cover large distances with incredible accuracy. This is a disc that will handle any power and will always finish left, no matter the circumstances. It will never ever get flippy on you. That was Discmania’s intention, and that’s what they succeeded in. Man, this thing is overstable!

Not intended for begining players, novice players only when you have a strong sidearm or you really know what you are looking for.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
4 2 0 3


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The Evolution Exo plastic is a plastic on the grippier end of the spectrum, with a velvet like feel to the fingers. It comes in Soft or Hard. The soft version is somewhat more gippy, since it has a little more give. If you like the extra snap off your fingers, choose the hard version.

Discgolf discs are not designed to throw and catch. For experienced throwers it is possible, especially with a putter or midrange disc. If you want a disc to play throw and catch, we advise you not to take a discgolf disc, but a disc from the section Ultimate Frisbees in our left menu serves this purpose better. You can find more advice on choosing your frisbee in our FAQ

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