Prodigy 400G-Plastic X4 ENG

The Prodigy Disc X4 is a slightly understable, low profile, high-speed distance driver. It holds a turnpover line also at relative low speed. For relative beginners we usually advise not to go for these extreme discs, but when you do decide for a speed 13 driver, go for the X4 of the X5.

Advanced players with moderate arm speed will be able to get a long flight out of this disc by throwing a slight hyzer flip, or shaping their shot as an S-curve. For players with faster arm speed the hyzer flip ias the way to go with the X4. You could use the X4 as a roller, but the X5 is better suited we think.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
13 5 -2.5 2
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400G Plastic

400G plastic is the regular 400 plastic of Prodigy Disc with a mix of other resins, including base plastic. It gives it a slightly different feel. The additive makes the disc more durable and makes it require more time to break in. It performs very well in wet conditions. A bit more overstable than 400S, more opaque and comparable to the Star plastic of Innova.

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