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The Ape can handle the raw, primal power of disc golfs biggest arms. Extremely fast and stable, the Ape is a “must have” distance driver for windy conditions and sharp doglegs. Sidearm drivers will learn the Ape is more than capable of standing up to even the most intense torque. The Ape is an outstanding choice for backhand or sidearm throws as well as a variety of niche flex shots. With less high speed turn than a Boss, the Ape is not recommended for players who throw less than 300ft.

Speed Glide Turn Fade
13 5 0 4


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Blizzard technology is an exciting technique that seals micro-bubbles in the disc. The result is a disc that holds it flight characteristics compared to the same type of disc 20 grams heavier. Easier to get up to speed and more beginner friendly, but still tight and stiff on the rim.

We test if blizzard discs float in water. Our tests show that they float up until 145 grams for sure. Some disc types float up to 149 grams even, but just barely. Around 150 grams is the threshold where blizzard champion discs sink. If you buy a disc from us and you need to make sure it floats, we will test it for you if you like.

The color of the disc you recieve will not nessecarily be the color shown on this picture. You can tell us your color and weight preferences when you order with us, and we will see what we can do for you.

Discgolf discs are not designed to throw and catch. For experienced throwers it is possible, especially with a putter or midrange disc. If you want a disc to play throw and catch, we advise you not to take a discgolf disc, but a disc from the section Ultimate Frisbees in our left menu serves this purpose better. You can find more advice on choosing your frisbee in our FAQ.

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