Mamadisc 175 Mini Light Dog Frisbee


Mamadiscs are an initiative of Matteo from Italy. Together with hos club he developped these frisbees. They are not enormously biteproof, but very suitable for dogs with a mediocre bite and in a great price-quality range.

Mamadisc makes two types of standard discs in 2 qualities: mini 175 mm and standard 235 mm. The mini is for small dogs. Both are available in two varieties: Medium and Light. Medium is firm and solid, Light is somewhat flexible. Both ar sturdy enough to make throwing easy and accurate.

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What makes Mamadiscs so great, is the fact that they have considered the plastic that they use. First, there are no harmfull additives that can leak into he environment or the bloodstream of your dog. Second and third: it is completely recyclable and when the edge of the frisbee gets damaged too much, you can easily use a flame and or sandpaper to repair it.

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