Daredevil Discs

Since the beginning of this century Frisbeewinkel cooperates with Daredevil Discs. Frisbeewinkel is the European office and ditributes their products. We also also do product development together, like makign special discs for younger kids and the youth teaching program ‘The Ultimate Teacher’.

Daredevils professionel Ultimate Frisbees have fantastic prints and colors and are officially approved for Ultimate frisbee worldwide.

Their Disc Golf Discs are made in a couple of plastics: Grip Performance (basic with a slightly rough texture), Elastic Performance (very flexible as well as super rough in texture), Flex Performance (gummy and durable) en High Performance (Sturdy, gummy and super durable).

Wah en Mike were originally known for their ultimate frisbees with really good prints and colors. Since a few years, Daredevil Discs is a serious company producing great discs for Ultimate and Disc Golf.

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