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Hero Super Hero 235


The Super Hero is a disc that is approved in any competition and is also safe to use with your dog. It guarantees more game time with your favorite companion, due to its bite and puncture resistance. The big advantage of this disc is the fact that it is very bite resitant and it has the same stiffness as the 100 grams discs. Therefore you can throw distance and make your special moves with this disc. This makes it one of the most versatile discs there are as well as the most used – together with the Supersonic Candy and Taffy.

Are you looking for a big, bite resistant disc with a bit more flexibility? Try the Super Star.


Hero Supersonic Candy 215


The Super Sonic ‘Candy’ is a smaller, lighter version of the Superhero. The Super Sonic weighs in at 124 (+/-2) grams, making it one of the lightest and fastest durable dog frisbees. The Super Sonic also comes in ‘Taffy’ plastics. The Taffy discs are softer, but a bit less durable in comparison to the Candy version of the Supersonic.

This disc is ideal for everyone that is looking for a smaller disc than the 235 discs. Compared to the JAWZ the Supersonic is a beautiful middle road in terms of flight capabilities and bite-proofness.



Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy


The SuperSonic is a smaller, lighter version of the SuperStar, specially designed for dog disc pros. The SuperSonic is one of the lightest, on the market today. It adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, and at the same time it is extra durable, flexible and puncture resistant. If you want even more biteproof, the Candy variety of the Supersonic is even better (also available on this website). Although the Supersonic Taffy is a slightly softer disc.

Jawz MaxQ Biteproof Dog Frisbee


The Jawz K10 Dogfrisbee is the most puncture resistant official dogfrisbee in the world, but rather floppy. That is why Hyperflite made a MaxQ version, which is more rigid and heavier to make distance throwing easier.

If your dog likes to play rough, but you like to throw more distance, this might be the one for you. But take into account that this disc is not yet allowed in UFO or AWI competitions.

Hero Sonic Xtra 215 Freestyle


The Sonic Xtra 215 is a fast flying disc that is pet friendly and great for beginners. This disc weighs approximately 90 grams, making it one of the lightest dog discs currently available.

It is available in distance plastic (grippy) and freestyle plastic (smoother for swift handling). The bite-resistance is not huge, but with a dog that does not reall demolissh stuff it doesn’t have to be and it will still last long enough.  If you are looking for more bite resitant plastic, look for the supersonic candy (rigid) or supersonic taffy (more flexible).

The Sonic is somewhat smaller (215mm) than the standard dogfrisbees (235 mm) and weights only 90 grams. Because of this, also the smaller sized dogs can handle it easily.

Dogfrisbee buying guide

What is a good dogfrisbee? A good dog frisbee strives for a balance between a number of properties. It should be flexible enough for the dog to catch without hurting its mouth, gums or tongue. Even if the frisbee breaks, there should be no hard or sharp edges. On the other hand the frisbee shouldn’t be too flexible either, because that would make it difficult to throw. Some dog frisbees are bigger, sturdier and heavier […]

Hero Ice Dye 215 Superswirl

Hero Atom Ice Dye 185

14,75 14,75

Atom Ice Dye 185 are made from the same durable, bite resistant plastic as the Supersonic Ice Dye, only with a smaller diameter. So: it’s a Atom candy firm disc, with vibrant colors, suitable for smaller dogs.

These discs were individually dyed by hand and with eco-friendly dye, and therefore none of the discs are equal to each other. Because of this it is not possible to select a colour option when you order them.



Beginners Set Dogfrisbee 7 frisbees

Beginners Set Dog Frisbee 7 Discs


When you start dogfrisbee at a dogfrisbee club you need a couple of discs. Depending on what competition you play (UFO, USDDN, Skyhoundz or NDDF) the maximum amount of discs are varied. Although there are different rules in different competitions, the most often used number of discs is 7. With 7 discs you can play all competitions there are.

The colors of the discs in the set can vary, depending on current stock. If you have specific color-wishes, you can infor us when you order. We will then contact you – if needed – for alternatives