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DISCatcher® Pro Set for Permanent Assembly €135,00

More and more people are thinking about installing their own discgolf course. But in a public park, you allways need to consider people treating the targets as climbing objects, garbage bins, etc. Pouring concrete is the old fashioned method, but that is expensive and above all very hard work. Especially in remote locations.

We have developped a procedure that enables us to install your DISCatcher® Pro fully asshole proof on any given location.

Within the Netherlands we will install your target for 135 euros. Outside of the Netherlands we make u you a total price for shipping, installation based on your location, number of poleholes and specific wishes. Contact us for information when you are interested.

When you use our services, our advice is free of charge. We have lots of experience installng discgolf courses, and can tell you everything about design, safety, social integreation, use of the course, use of discs and instruction for volunteers.

We are part of a European network of discgolf professionals, for more information please see

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde martes 22 enero, 2013.
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