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Innova XT Stud
Innova XT Stud
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1 x Discgolf schoolset 15 discs
1 x Set Discgolf Scheiben 10 stuck
1 x Anzeigetafel NFB
1 x Discgolf Schoolset small
1 x 25 Scheiben fur Oberschulen
1 x 5 Ultimate Scheiben fur Oberschule
1 x Discgolf Schoolset large
1 x DX Zephyr Yellow 200
1 x Innova XT Stud
1 x Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Weiss Grun print
1 x Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Gelb Anti Glare
1 x Ice Dye 215 Superswirl PAW design
1 x Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Blau
1 x Wettkampfscheibe ultipro Tang-Dynasty Weiß/Silber
1 x DX Zephyr Orange 167
1 x Star Teebird3 Fairway Driver
1 x Star Wombat3 Midrange Disc
1 x Leuchtscheibe ROT
1 x Leuchtscheibe BLAU
1 x Leuchtscheibe GRÜN
1 x Flashflight Junior Disc-o
1 x Teenpro kids Ultimate Scheibe Octopus Orange
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Rose
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Orange
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Weiß
1 x LadyLine FD
1 x C-Line MD Fiend Midrange
1 x C-Line MD3 Midrange
1 x DISCatcher® Traveler Portable Discgolf target Blau
1 x Millennium Quantum Zero-G Quasar
1 x Millennium Sirius Sentinel MF
1 x DISCatcher® Pro Expansionsset für Temporäre Installation
1 x Hyperflite Hundefrisbee Tasche Schwarz
1 x Wettkampfscheibe underprint lime-violett-schwarz
1 x Hans´s Disc White Grun
1 x Wettkampfscheibe Frostie Orange weissen print
1 x Gamedisc Leer Rot
1 x Wettkampfscheibe tribal Fire-Rot
1 x Wettkampfscheibe tribal Weiß-Regenbogen
1 x Wetkampfscheibe UFO Utrecht
1 x Gamedisc Leer Schwarz
1 x Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Rose Anti-Glare
1 x 5 pack Jawz Hundescheibe
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Innova Discarrier Bag €89,95

The Innova Discarrier is the bag that carries all your needs when you are playing a tournament. The DISCarrier is big enough to fit multiple putters and enough discs (20-25) for any course!

The Discarrier features an internal frame similar to the Competition Bag's frame to keep down the over-all weight. It is constructed 100% 1260 Denier Nylon and has a reinforced bottom.

Like other good bags, it provides space for your discgolf of dogfrisbees, has an extra pocket for your putter and mini marker disc.

What makes this Discarrier bag special, is the fact that it is the biggest bag out there. It has space for two large drink holders, an outer zippered pocket for your mobile phone or MP3 player and two large compartments for extra storage (lunch etc). These two extra compartments also provide extra internal pockets for your personal items. It also has a hidden inner pocket when you think you might need that.

The Discarrier can accomodate the backsaver straps, although they are not included in the price. Off course it is fully water resistant and has a padded adjustable carrying strap.

To summarise: the most complete bag out there, you will never need another bag. This bag is available in colors blue/green, black/ green or red/green.

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Montag, 16. Mai 2005 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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    50385565 Zugriffe seit Montag, 25. April 2005