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FrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest
FrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest
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165 gram High Rigidity Freestyle €12,25

This freestyle frisbee has been newly developed by Wham-O, where frisbee has its origin. The disc behaves like the Skystyler does, and has a comparable mould. But it has the advantage of see through material, whcih makes you able to see your own fingers under the disc. This is an advantage when learning the skills of jamming with the disc.
So try this disc.
This disc can also be used for recreational purposes. It doesn't have much speed, so it will not fly 50 meter easily. But the stabil mould makes you able to control the flight of the disc beautifuly, and to throw these bounces you like.

Diametro27,5 cm
Gravedad165 gram
Flota en el agua

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Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde miércoles 05 abril, 2006.
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