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D-line PD Power Driver
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Champion TeeBird €12,95

The Champion Teebird is a slightly more overstable version of the Eagle in the beginning of it's flight path that can handle the torque from big arms, while still retaining excellent glide. Good into the wind, an excellent long range driver.

The Champion plastic features a variety of Innova's most popular discs molded in an incredibly durable plastic. The super durable clear and pearlescent plastic has a much longer lifespan than regular DX plastic which allows Champion discs to "age" slowly and fly predictably. The nature of the plastic causes many of the discs to have a clear or semi-transparent look - sometimes referred to as "Candy Plastic".

The color of the disc you recieve will not nessecarily be the color shown on this picture. You can tell us your color and weight preferences when you order with us, and we will see what we can do for you.

Discgolf discs are not designed to throw and catch. For experienced throwers it is possible, especially with a putter or midrange disc. If you want a disc to play throw and catch, we advise you not to take a discgolf disc, but a disc from the section Ultimate Frisbees in our left menu serves this pupose better. You can find more advice on choosing your frisbee in our FAQ.


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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 19 May, 2005.
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