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Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Blau
Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Blau
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1 x Set Discgolf Scheiben 10 stuck
1 x Discgolf schoolset 15 discs
1 x 10 Ultimate Scheiben fur Primarschule
1 x Discgolf Schoolset large
1 x 5 Ultimate Scheiben fur Primarschule
1 x 25 Scheiben fur Oberschulen
1 x Discgolf Schoolset small
1 x Anzeigetafel NFB
1 x 5 Ultimate Scheiben fur Oberschule
1 x Field Marking set cone holder
1 x 10 Ultimate Scheiben fur Oberschule
1 x Leuchtscheibe ROT
1 x Flashflight LED Putter Disc-O Select
1 x Flashflight Junior Disc-o
1 x Leuchtscheibe BLAU
1 x Leuchtscheibe GRÜN
1 x Leuchtscheibe Disc-o
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Gelb
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Orange
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Weiss Regenbogen
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Weiß
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Blau
1 x Teenpro kids Ultimate Scheibe Octopus Glow
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Grun
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Orange
2 x 110 gram DDC Disc
1 x Junior Wetkampfscheibe Tigers Veenendaal Orange
1 x Junior Wetkampfscheibe Tigers Veenendaal Weiss
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Schwarz
1 x Super Glow Junior Ultimate Scheibe 140 G
1 x Junioren Ultimate Scheibe Rose
1 x Teenpro kids Ultimate Scheibe Octopus Orange
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Glow
1 x 160 Gramm Skystyler freestyle disc Orange
1 x 160 Gramm Skystyler freestyle disc Weiss
1 x Heavyweight 200 Monster-Truck
1 x 160 Gramm Skystyler freestyle disc Blau
1 x 120 gram Guts Scheibe
1 x 160 Gramm Skystyler freestyle disc Gelb
1 x 165 gram High Rigidity Freestyle
1 x Star Teebird3 Fairway Driver
1 x Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Glow Anti Glare
1 x Innova XT Stud
1 x Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Blau
1 x Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Weiss Grun print
1 x Star Wombat3 Midrange Disc
1 x Wettkampfscheibe ultipro Tang-Dynasty Weiß/Silber
1 x Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Gelb Anti Glare
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FrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest €99,95

The Frisbeescape Vault Vest has been designed to protect you from the nails and feet of your dog when playing dog frisbee. It also provides the dog with grip for the jumps it needs to make. Special protection areas are the neck and the lower back.
The vests are made by an Italian dogfrisbee player who was convinced that these Vault Vests could be much better. He designed from high quality textiles (no neoprene) that helps body heat to exit. Breathable textiles are placed on each side to ease the perspiration process.

The seams provide the Armored Skin Vault Vest with solidity while also creating a decorative pattern. It has a slim fit, is resistant and washable. To wash: Only cold water with a soft sponge will work very nicely. If you need to use soap, use only non-aggressive soaps (no bleach). And even the zipper has been designed to work easily even when it's dirty and full of hair.

Once you give this vest a try, you will never ever want anything else. Available in 4 sizes: Small - Medium - Large - ExtraLarge. In the table below you can determine your size.

S54 cm94 cm86 cm92 cm
M58 cm100 cm92 cm100 cm
L61 cm106 cm100 cm106 cm
XL65 cm110 cm106 cm110 cm


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