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Star Teebird3 Fairway Driver
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DX Zephyr Yellow 200 €11,50

One of the best discs for accuracy contests. Great as a throw and catch disc or to introduce catch disc players to the game of Disc Golf. Not to play Ultimate with officially.

Also a very useful trick disc for REAL DiscGolfers! Great for short and accurate approaches in situations where angle control is important. A very straight flyer with lots of glide. NB! This is a Super Class disc, featuring a substantially larger diameter than regular Disc Golf discs. That way it works great for playing catch too

The Zephyr is one of the old school disc golf discs, with it’s release date going way back before Innova’s Dave Dunipace invented the bevel-edged (“modern”) golf disc. Unlike many other predecessors of of modern discs, the Zephyr has been able to maintain it’s relevance thanks to it’s awesome controllabilty and predictable straight flight path. Worlds #1 choice for Discathon.

Diametro24,1 cm
Gravedad200 gram
Flota en el agua

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde miércoles 16 mayo, 2018.
    50363900 peticiones desde lunes 25 abril, 2005