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Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Yellow
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Zipper Puller Cobra Stitch Puppet €4,95

A zipper puller (aka zipper charm, survival zipper pull) is a small gadget that helps you to easily open your bag or luggage. It also makes it easy to find your keys or recognise your luggage or jacket. Useful at home, at school or on your travels. Disc Golfers use them to easily access stuff in their bag.

Simply attach it to your zipper slide and you can easily open your bag, backpack or jacket , even when wearing gloves on a cold winters day. Just grab and pull.

Our zipper pullers are handcrafted, made from high strength 4 mm parachute cord. We make them in four different varieties:

- Cobra Stitch Puppet: Wooden head, cobra woven body with a metal ring on top

- Cobra Stitch Basic: Flattened Cobra woven, with a loop on top

- Weave Stitch Big: Round Weave, use of 2 different colors, with a loop on top

- Weave Stitch Mini: Round Weave, use of 2 different colors, with a loop on top

Length10 cm
Width5 cm
Weight7 gram

Available Options:

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 05 March, 2018.
    49516579 requests since Monday 25 April, 2005