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Champion I-Dye TL 175
Champion I-Dye TL 175
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Hero Super Aero 235 Light Weight €12,00

Made from a special formula of Super Hero plastic, the Super Aero is an advanced durable disc that weighs 110 – 140 grams. It comes in three weight classes, namely Ultra Light (110-120 grams), Light 120-130 grams) and Heavyweight (130+ grams).

Imagine a disc with the flight characteristics of the Hero Air 235 and almost the durability of the Super Hero! A fast, light disc with respectable durability.

In our opinion it is also a good kids Frisbee age 5-7. For 5 years old more toward Ultra Light, 7 years old more towards the Heavyweight variety. Why? Because it is rigid enough to learn all the throws, light enough to not do too much damage and sturdy enogh to be able to run it over with a bike.

The Hero Super Aero is available in 3 weight classes; Ultra Light (110 tot 120 gram), Light (inbetween 120 and 130 gram) and heavyweight (over 130 gram). A lighter weight means more sensibility om throwing (more experience needed). For kids: go for ultra light when you’re 5, go for heavy when you’re 7.

The Ultralight version of this disc floats in water (just below the surface).

Size23,5 cm
Weight120-130 gram
Floats in waterNo

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 27 November, 2017.
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