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Discmania LITE Pro Polehole €89,00

This Light weight basket from Discmania has competition height, but is very light weight (17,6 lbs, 8 kg). It is for people that have a backyard but are not using it for Disc Golf all the time. Get the basket out, play a game and put it back in the barn. Or completely fold it back into the box and bring it to another location. It is not designed for permanent outdoors setup.

The Lite Basket has a setup of light weight chains that are connected both horizontally and vertically. This guarantees improved catching for puts that come in hard, horizontal or almost vertical and reduces the amount of unfair skip-throughs.

It is easy to assemble and to take apart. It takes just minutes and you are ready to go. No tools required.
We firmly believe that the Discmania LITE Pro Basket will set a new standard for lightweight practice baskets. It gives you the realistic putting experience with affordable price. Now you can only blame yourself for the unsuccessful putts. Try it out, we bet you’ll love it!

Basket top height28.2”
Basket Width24.8”

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde viernes 03 febrero, 2017.
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