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Jawz X-Comp Dogfrisbee Naranja €13,00

The 130-gram Jawz X-Comp features a less flexible but equally-tough polymer formulation enabling competitors to predictably make counter-aerodynamic throws including butterfly tosses, skips, kick deliveries and brushes.

Because the Jawz X-Comp is made with a more rigid polymer formulation than the standard Jawz disc, any punctures or disc damage may be more pronounced and noticeable. Regular disc inspections and maintenance will keep all of your discs safe for canine play

Please Note If your canine has an exceptionally hard bite and has succeeded in puncturing the standard Jawz disc, then it will most likely be able to do so with the Jawz X-Comp as well.

The Jawz X-comp is available in orange and black.

Diametro22,6 cm
Gravedad150 gram
Flota en el agua

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde martes 31 enero, 2017.
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