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5 Pack Junior Ultimate Misprint
5 Pack Junior Ultimate Misprint
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1 x Innova Backsaver
1 x Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Rojo
1 x Jawz Indistructable Dogfrisbee Glow AG
1 x Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee
1 x Discgolf Schoolset small
1 x Discgolf schoolset 15 discs
1 x 25 Discs Bundle for secondary schools
1 x Discgolf Schoolset largel
1 x Field Marking set cone holder
1 x 10 Frisbees for secondary school
1 x 10 Frisbees for primary school
1 x 5 Discs Bundle for Secondary schools
1 x Marcador NFB
1 x 5 Frisbees for primary school
1 x Discgolf set 10 discs
1 x Innova Super Heropack Black Star
1 x Millennium Quantum Orion LF
1 x Millennium Sirius Sentinel MF
1 x G-line CD2 Control Driver
1 x Woodchuck EP Putter
1 x Hyperflite Dogdisc Bag Negro
1 x D-Line P1X Beaded Putter
1 x Walrus EP Midrange
1 x Champion I-Dye TL 175
1 x 5 Pack Junior Ultimate Misprint
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Black Argyle
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Blue Diamond
1 x Misprint Junior Ultimate Disc
1 x 5 Pack Junior Ultimate Misprint
1 x Innova Super Heropack Blue Star
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Houndstooth
1 x Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) AZUL
1 x Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) DISC-O
1 x Flashflight ( Vuelo-lucido) ROJO
1 x Flashflight LED Putter Disc-O Select
1 x Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) VERDE
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Flashflight Glow Stick €6,50

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical lightsticks, this Mini LED Glowstick has replaceable batteries for endless hours of nighttime visibility. You can piut one in your polehole and have hours and hours of fun.

This Mini LED Glowstick is a compact yet powerful source of illumination. An excellent alternative to traditional chemical glowsticks and available in multiple LED colors. The Glowstick has a sleek design and a simple twist on or off function. It comes with 4 replaceable AG-3 batteries that will last over 60 hours and can be easily replaced. It is waterproof and equipped with an S-Biner for attaching it to something. As an added bonus - they float!

Diametro26,5 cm
longitud157 mm
Gravedad18 gram

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde miércoles 18 enero, 2017.
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