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Innova Super Heropack Red
Innova Super Heropack Red
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Lite C.S. Hundescheibe Rot Druck Rot €4,15

The Competition Standard Lite (CS Lite) is the lightest full-sized canine competition disc on the market. At 95 grams or less, the CS Lite disc is effortless to throw, floats like a butterfly, and is capable of remarkably long flights. The new CS Lite disc has exactly the same physical profile as the Competition Standard disc you know and trust, but it's nearly 10% lighter than the regular Competition Standard disc!

The hammered finish (micro dimpling of the flight plate) of the CS Lite is created by the unique manufacturing process Hyperflite uses to reduce the weight of each disc. The hammered finish contributes to the aerodynamics of the disc, the same way the dimples on a golf ball work. Our testing indicates that the CS Lite will fly as far as, if not farther than, the heavier Competition Standard disc.
Hyperflite's new CS Lite disc is made from a soft and flexible polymer matrix that equals the feel of the Competition Standard disc. If you can throw the Competition Standard disc, then the CS Lite disc will feel very familiar. In fact, you might not know you are throwing one until you watch your new disc hang in the air at the end of its flight.
Disc doggers who throw with the Power Grip will note a slight grippiness that enables you to impart additional energy to the CS Lite disc at release. The CS Lite disc also remains grippy even when wet with dog slobber. If hang time is what you want, the Competition Standard Lite is the disc you need.

CS LIte discs are not puncture-resistant. If your toothy canine quickly renders your CS Lite disc unfit for flight, then you are a prime candidate for the Jawz or other bite proof discs on our website.

Größe22,6 cm
Gewicht95 gram
Schwimmt im WasserJa

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 08. Februar 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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    47571203 Zugriffe seit Montag, 25. April 2005