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Jawz Pup Frisbee pours les chiens Jaune Anti Glare
Jawz Pup Frisbee pours les chiens Jaune Anti Glare
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Dogdisc Starter Set 5 disques €70,25

When you start dogfrisbee at a dogfrisbee club you need a couple of discs. Depending on what competition you play (UFO, USDDN, Skyhoundz or NDDF) the maximum amount of discs are varied. Although there are different rules in different competitions, the most often used number of discs is 7. With 7 discs you can play all competitions there are.

Put your own set together
You can build your own set of 5 discs by using the pull down menu at the bottom of this product page. Standard you get 3 dark and 2 light discs to be used in different light conditions. If you want discs in different color compinations, please add a remark when giving in your order if the options you get in our pull down are not the ones you prefer.
You can also change the size of the bag that is added to the set. For instance: if you want to put your vault vest in the bag, the Hyperflite bag is better. We just have those in black. For discs, water and some small personal stuff the standard small bag is just fine. We have the colors red/grey and blue/grey in stock always.
You can also change the type of discs. Take Supersonics for the slightly smaller dogs.

Additional Information
Dogfrisbee competitions are done in different rule sets. In a freestyle competition at USDDN and NDDF the maximum number of discs allowed is 10. But you can play with 7 also and this is often done. At UFO you can use 7 discs maximum and at Skyhoundz the maximum is 5 discs.

For K9 clubs we offer discounts on all products. Send us an e-mail for more information.

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Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le vendredi 25 juillet 2014.
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