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Hero Supersonic 215 Candy
Hero Supersonic 215 Candy
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Heavyweight 200 Elefant €18,25

This Heavyweight Wham-O has the shape of a normal ultimate disc, but is slightly larger and 25 grams heavier. As professional frisbeetrainers we advise this disc for windy coditions, or teaching a side-arm (because of the heavy weight this disc will hang naturally on your fingers, and therefore it's easier to throw an inside 'flick'). It is also a lot of fun for experienced throwers who want to try out something different, or want an addition to their training bag.

All discs from the section Ultimate Discs are the same in shape and weight, except this one, and the ones from the section kids discs. We advise a standard competition disc for ultimate (175 grams) for everyone age 12 and up. When you are younger than 12, look in our FAQ to get solid advice on which disc to use. You can find them in the section kids discs. This heavyweight is only for adults, or experienced throwers that are looking for an addition to their training bag.

Größe27,0 cm
Gewicht200 gram
Schwimmt im WasserJa

Dieses Produkt haben wir am Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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