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Jawz Pup Dogfrisbee Lemon Lime Anti Glare
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Flashflight Junior Disc-o €18,95

The Flashflight junior is the smaller version of the flashflight, and the bigger brother of the flashflight mini. With a weight of 100 gram (DDC size), it has the ideal weight for kids age 8 - 14. The darker it is outside, the better.

With this disc you can do all throws possible with a normal gamedisc (backhand, forehand, overhead, scoober, etc).

It is easy to pack, shock-proof, and lasts about 220 - 250 hours on one set of batteries. It has LED - technology, which makes it very durable. When the batteries run out (after two summers of intense throwing), you can put new ones in.

Including batteries. Waterproof, shockproof and floats in water.

Diametro26,5 cm
Gravedad185 gram
Flota en el agua

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde viernes 25 julio, 2014.
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