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Jawz Pup Dogfrisbee Lemon Lime Anti Glare
Jawz Pup Dogfrisbee Lemon Lime Anti Glare
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En este tiende online puedes encontrar frisbees de alta calidad. Los discos que utilizan en los deportes oficiales con frisbee, como Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, CDD, Accuracy (Puntería), Freestyle (Estilo libre) y Dog Frisbee (para jugar con tu Perro). y una iniciativa de Hans Krens, ex-internacional y el entrenador/seleccionador del Equipo Nacional Sub-17 de Holanda.

Pedir un frisbee no puede ser más fácil. Solo tiene que registrarse como nuevo cliente, hacer su pedido y en seguida le enviamos su pedido por correo. Aceptamos Paypal, Multi Safe Pay y transferencias bancarias.

También distribuimos frisbees a grandes almacenes y supermercados. Si necesitas alguna mas información, evíanos un un e-mail y pregunta lo que quieras a El "espíritu de juego", la regla más importante del frisbee, es la rige nuestros negocios.

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Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) AZUL Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) AZUL €29,45
El Flashflight es el 'unico disco lucido bien hecho en el mercado. Su base es LED-technolog'ia y est'a prendido 220 hasta 250 horas con sus bater'ias ( inclu'idas ). Tiene cables fiberópticos que llevan del centro a los lados, lo que le hace un UFO verdadero en la noche. Est'a resistente al agua y a choques. Cuando se acaban las bater'ias simplemen...
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Flashflight Junior Disc-o Flashflight Junior Disc-o €18,95
The Flashflight junior is the smaller version of the flashflight, and the bigger brother of the flashflight mini. With a weight of 100 gram (DDC size), it has the ideal weight for kids age 8 - 14. The darker it is outside, the better.With this disc you can do all throws possible with a normal gamedisc (backhand, forehand, overhead, scoober, etc)...
Ver Flashflight Junior Disc-o Compre AhoraFlashflight Junior Disc-o
Star Beast Distance Driver Star Beast Distance Driver €13,45
The Beast issued in the era of the wide rimmed driver. The Beast was an instant classic when it was released; giving players more distance using less power. The Beast's high glide, high speed and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike. A favorite of two-time World Champion Barry Shultz.r...
Ver Star Beast Distance Driver Compre AhoraStar Beast Distance Driver
Daan Disc Sky Daan Disc Sky €14,50
A disc with your own name on it. How cool is that? But printing discs is expensive, because of the high costs of making a hotplate. People who are called Daan are lucky, because Daan works with and uses these discs in his frisbeeclinics anyway. So now you are able to get one.This disc is officially opproved bij the UPA and ...
Ver Daan Disc Sky Compre AhoraDaan Disc Sky
FrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest FrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest €99,95
The Frisbeescape Vault Vest has been designed to protect you from the nails and feet of your dog when playing dog frisbee. It also provides the dog with grip for the jumps it needs to make. Special protection areas are the neck and the lower back. The vests are made by an Italian dogfrisbee player who was convinced that these Vault Vests could ...
Ver FrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest Compre AhoraFrisbeEscape Armored Skin Vault Vest
Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee €13,25
The Hyperflite Z-Disc Fang Dogfrisbee is a competition-approved flying disc designed especially for long flights, extended hovers and ease in handling. Softer tapered throwing rings on the top surface allowing for secure gripping.Hyperflites Z-Disc Fang FLX is an ultra-flexible version of the Z-Disc Fang disc. It is about 60% as tough as the ...
Ver Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee Compre AhoraZ-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee
Gamedisc Vacío Rojo Gamedisc Vacío Rojo €12,45
Like the name suggests, this disc is completely empty. There is no nice print on top of the disc. However, this leaves room for a lot of creativity. Take a marker and create your own design, or even print it. This disc is officially approved bij the UPA and WFDF for ultimate frisbee, and we can always delivered out of stock.THROW AND C...
Ver Gamedisc Vacío Rojo Compre AhoraGamedisc Vacío Rojo
Clubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White Clubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White €13,95
This disc is custom printed for Bluefingers Zwolle, a club that has helped founding together with the Dutch Frisbee Association. It's made from glow in the dark material.This disc is officially opproved bij the UPA and WFDF for ultimate frisbee, and we can always delivered out of stock.THROW AND CATCHTodos los disc...
Ver Clubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White Compre AhoraClubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White
Star Colt Putt & Approach Star Colt Putt & Approach €13,45
The Colt is great for beginners and pros looking for a smooth longer approach disc. The Colt has an easy turn ans a nice relaxed fade.STAR PLASTICINNOVAS new Star Line is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers. Star Plastic offers the same outstanding durability of our regular Champion Plastic, plus improved...
Ver Star Colt Putt & Approach Compre AhoraStar Colt Putt & Approach
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