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Star Roc3 Midrange
Star Roc3 Midrange
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1 x S-Line P2 Pro Putter Putt & Approach
1 x Champion I-Dye Sidewinder 172
1 x Jawz Pup Dogfrisbee Glow Anti Glare
1 x C-Line PD Freak Driver
1 x Pro I-Dye Wraith 175
1 x Star XCaliber Distance Driver
1 x Ultipro Tang-Dynasty Rosa
1 x Discgolf set 10 discs
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Bienvenido invitado. Pincha aquí si ya tienes código de usuario. O regístrate como nuevo cliente?

En este tiende online puedes encontrar frisbees de alta calidad. Los discos que utilizan en los deportes oficiales con frisbee, como Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, CDD, Accuracy (Puntería), Freestyle (Estilo libre) y Dog Frisbee (para jugar con tu Perro). y una iniciativa de Hans Krens, ex-internacional y el entrenador/seleccionador del Equipo Nacional Sub-17 de Holanda.

Pedir un frisbee no puede ser más fácil. Solo tiene que registrarse como nuevo cliente, hacer su pedido y en seguida le enviamos su pedido por correo. Aceptamos Paypal, Multi Safe Pay y transferencias bancarias.

También distribuimos frisbees a grandes almacenes y supermercados. Si necesitas alguna mas información, evíanos un un e-mail y pregunta lo que quieras a El "espíritu de juego", la regla más importante del frisbee, es la rige nuestros negocios.

Nuevos Productos En junio
Flashflight Glow Stick Flashflight Glow Stick €6,50
An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical lightsticks, this Mini LED Glowstick has replaceable batteries for endless hours of nighttime visibility. You can piut one in your polehole and have hours and hours of fun. This Mini LED Glowstick is a compact yet powerful source of illumination. An excellent alternative to tradi...
Ver Flashflight Glow Stick Compre AhoraFlashflight Glow Stick
P-Line CD Craze Driver P-Line CD Craze Driver €11,25
Our very first driver, The CD Craze is an all purpose driver that has good range and great reliability in most wind conditions. It can be thrown to fly straight, for a soft hyzer or a long turnover shot. The CD is easy to throw, versatile and reliable.\r\n\r\nDISCMANIA P-LINE PLASTIC\r\nPossiblemente el plástico más aspero en el merca...
Ver P-Line CD Craze Driver Compre AhoraP-Line CD Craze Driver
Millennium Quantum Orion LS Millennium Quantum Orion LS €14,25
The Millennium Orion LS will stay straight and long for all but the strongest throwers. When you absolutely need more distance on your drive, trust the Orion LS. You’ll be able to keep it in the fairway… and closer to your destination. Other superlong drivers might impress with their speed and flash, but it’s no fun trying to find them in the ro...
Ver Millennium Quantum Orion LS Compre AhoraMillennium Quantum Orion LS
Ultipro Ultiwave blanco/violeta Ultipro Ultiwave blanco/violeta €12,95
This 175 gram gamedisc has the official size that is required for playing Ultimate.YikunsportsAt the moment there are two companies in China producing professional quality Frisbees or discsports. The disc you seen here is produced by a firm called Yikunsports from Ningbo, China.Yikunports produces discs that are not yet WFDF approved,...
Ver Ultipro Ultiwave blanco/violeta Compre AhoraUltipro Ultiwave blanco/violeta
S-Line TD Rush Driver S-Line TD Rush Driver €13,95
Rush out to get your Turning Driver... This is an easy-to-throw disc suitable from beginners to top level pros. This speed 10 driver has a comfortable smaller rim grip that offers a lot of glide with a very straight flight path. If you\'re looking for a disc that flies faster than Innova\'s Roadrunner but still offers some of the best glide the Tur...
Ver S-Line TD Rush Driver Compre AhoraS-Line TD Rush Driver
Hans´s Disc Lime Hans´s Disc Lime €14,50
A disc with your own name on it. How cool is that? But printing discs is expensive, because of the high costs of making a hotplate. People who are called Hans are lucky, because a Hans works with us and has these discs printed for use in his frisbeeclinics anyway. This disc is officially opproved bij the UPA and WFDF for ultimate frisbee, and we...
Ver Hans´s Disc Lime Compre AhoraHans´s Disc Lime
Teenpro Cartoon Glow Teenpro Cartoon Glow €10,95
Este disco tiene la misma forma del 175 gramos disco oficial de Ultimate, pero es m\´as peque~no y pesa menos. Por eso es el disco perfecto para los ni~nos de 7-12 a~nos. A muchas veces se lo utilisan para el Double Disc Court, aunque no es el disco oficial del DDC.YikunsportsAt the moment there are two companies in China producing...
Ver Teenpro Cartoon Glow Compre AhoraTeenpro Cartoon Glow
Star Paul Mc Beth Destroyer Distance Driver Star Paul Mc Beth Destroyer Distance Driver €13,45
The Destroyer is a very fast stable long distance driver. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. Great disc for sidearm throwers with lots of power. The disc can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque. Not suggested for beginning players. \r\nSTAR PLASTIC\r\nINNOV...
Ver Star Paul Mc Beth Destroyer Distance Driver Compre AhoraStar Paul Mc Beth Destroyer Distance Driver
Gstar Vulcan Driver Gstar Vulcan Driver €13,45
The Vulcan was designed for less powerful players that want to throw the shots of their dreams. Similar in flight to our Katana with less low speed fade. The Vulcan will be available in lower weights for longer shots. With weights as low as 158 grams, there is a Vulcan for everyone. One of our lightest and longest Distance Drivers available in Star...
Ver Gstar Vulcan Driver Compre AhoraGstar Vulcan Driver
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