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Star Teebird3 Fairway Driver
Star Teebird3 Fairway Driver
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1 x Champion Thunderbird Paul Mc Beth
1 x R-Pro Wahoo Schwimmt in Wasser
1 x Swift Fox GP Fairway Driver
1 x Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Blau Anti Glare
1 x Discgolf schoolset 15 discs
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Willkommen bei Frisbeewinkel Willkommen bei Frisbeewinkel
Herzlich Willkommen Gast! Möchten Sie sich anmelden? Oder sind Sie ein neue kunde?

Bei uns können Sie jegliche Frisbees kaufen, die man zum Spielen von Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf, DDC, Dogfrisbee und Accuracy benötigt. Alle Produkte, von denen das Preis-Leistungsverhätnis stimmt.

Frisbeewinkel ist ein initiativ von Hans Krens, ex-Intenationalspieler und National coach U17 Ultimate Team. Unser Anliegen ist es den Zuwachs der letzten Jahre in dieser fantastischen Sportart auch weiterhin zu unterstützen.

Ein bestellung machen ist einfach. Leg das Produkt zuerst im Warenkorb. Anschliessend können Sie eine Bezahlungsart wählen. Wir akzeptieren überweisung, Sofortbanking oder Paypal. Sobald wir dei Zahlung erhalten haben, erfolgt die Zustellung (gewöhnlich innerhalb von 2 Tagen mit der post).

Wir verkaufen auch frisbees in grossere zahlen an (web-)Shops durch Europa. Für Hilfe oder Fragen stehen wir gern zu Verfügung. (

Neue Produkte im März
G-line CD2 Control Driver G-line CD2 Control Driver €13,95
The CD2 is a disc for those hungry for control. It doesn’t get too flashy with a lot of turn and fade like many distance drivers out there. But on the contrary it can hold a line and still bring you the distance needed to cover most fairways. The CD2 is actually a pretty close relative not only to the CD, but also to our praised speed 10 Power Driv...
View G-line CD2 Control Driver Buy NowG-line CD2 Control Driver
Flashflight Junior Disc-o Flashflight Junior Disc-o €18,95
The Flashflight junior is the smaller version of the flashflight, and the bigger brother of the flashflight mini. With a weight of 100 gram (DDC size), it has the ideal weight for kids age 8 - 14. The darker it is outside, the better.With this disc you can do all throws possible with a normal gamedisc (backhand, forehand, overhead, scoober, etc)...
View Flashflight Junior Disc-o Buy NowFlashflight Junior Disc-o
Champion XCaliber Champion XCaliber €12,95
The XCaliber is for those who have got to have the biggest and the baddest. Extremely fast with glide and stability. This is the one for confident bombs in windy conditions.rnThe XCaliber is extremely fast with glide and stability. The XCaliber achieves maximum distance when thrown low, flat, and hard. This is the one for confident bombs in wind...
View Champion XCaliber Buy NowChampion XCaliber
110 gram DDC Disc 110 gram DDC Disc €8,50
This frisbee from Wham-O is the official disc for voor Double Disc Court (DDC), a Discsport that is played two against two with two discs. The weight is low and it has a small diameter, because you have to be fast and agile in handling the disc in DDC.Its low weight and small diameter makes this a good disc that can be used by kids age 5 and up...
View 110 gram DDC Disc Buy Now110 gram DDC Disc
Star Leopard3 Fairway Driver Star Leopard3 Fairway Driver €13,45
The Leopard3 has nice controllable turn right out of the box. It can be thrown smooth for straighter flights or hard for more turn. Adjusting the angle of release makes this a versatile driver. Now available in Star and GStar for the best combination of grip and durability.rnSTAR PLASTICrnInnova’s Star Plastic besteht aus eine...
View Star Leopard3 Fairway Driver Buy NowStar Leopard3 Fairway Driver
G-Line P2 Psycho Pro Putter G-Line P2 Psycho Pro Putter €13,95
The G-line P2 is an instant classic. With its unmatched grip, high durability, and the laser beam straight flight path, it is a must for any player looking to master their upshots or drives from the tee. The G-line plastic is a very grippy and gummy. It has high flexibility and beautiful pearl type appearance which makes each and every disc look un...
View G-Line P2 Psycho Pro Putter Buy NowG-Line P2 Psycho Pro Putter
Gamedisc Leer Rose Gamedisc Leer Rose €12,45
Like the name suggests, this disc is completely empty. There is no nice print on top of the disc. However, this leaves room for a lot of creativity. Take a marker and create your own design, or even print it. Diese Scheibe wird offiziell in der UPA und WFDF für Ultimate Frisbee opproved, und wir können immer vergriffen geliefert.This disc is...
View Gamedisc Leer Rose Buy NowGamedisc Leer Rose
Innova Hero Backpack Rot Innova Hero Backpack Rot €95,00
The HeroPack allows you to carry 25+ discs in a lightweight backpack style bag. Highlights include reinforced sides and top, along with a u-channel disc divider. Featuring nicely padded, adjustable shoulder straps, a top grab handle, dual water bottle holders and tons of storage, the HeroPack is great for Disc Golfers and dogfrisbee players ...
View Innova Hero Backpack Rot Buy NowInnova Hero Backpack Rot
Zipper Puller Weave Stitch Mini Zipper Puller Weave Stitch Mini €3,25
A zipper puller (aka zipper charm, survival zipper pull) is a small gadget that helps you to easily open your bag or luggage. It also makes it easy to find your keys or recognise your luggage or jacket. Useful at home, at school or on your travels. Disc Golfers use them to easily access stuff in their bag. Simply attach it to your zipper s...
View Zipper Puller Weave Stitch Mini Buy NowZipper Puller Weave Stitch Mini
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