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Innova Super Heropack Red
Innova Super Heropack Red
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1 x Gamedisc UFO Utrecht
1 x Gamedisc logo sky
1 x Wedstrijdfrisbee tribal Sky-Blauw
1 x Gamedisc Vacío Glow in the Dark
1 x Wedstrijdfrisbee tribal Blanco-Verde
1 x Gamedisc Frostie Winterdisc Naranja Impresión Blanco
1 x Gafas Daredevil Azul Oscuro
1 x Gafas Daredevil Negro
1 x Gafas Daredevil Amarillo
1 x Gamedisc star night
1 x Gamedisc logo fire rojo
1 x Wedstrijdfrisbee tribal Glow - Verde
1 x Gafas Daredevil Azul Claro
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Rosa
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Blanco arco iris
1 x Super Glow recreational disc 140 G
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Azul
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Naranja
1 x Teenpro kids ultimate disc Octopus Naranja
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Naranja
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Amarillo
1 x Woodchuck First Run Putter Dark
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Blanco
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Glow
1 x Junior Gamedisc Veenendaal Tigers Blanco
1 x 110 gram DDC Disc
1 x Teenpro kids ultimate disc Octopus Glow
1 x Junior Gamedisc Veenendaal Tigers Naranja
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Categorias Frisbees para perros
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Competition Dogdiscs
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Biteproof Dogdiscs
para perros pequeños
para perros pequeños
Special Dogfrisbees
Special Dogfrisbees
Bags for Dogdiscs
Bags for Dogdiscs
Dogfrisbee discount packs
Dogfrisbee discount packs
Nuevos Productos En enero
C.S. Dogfrisbee Lite Red Impresión Rojo C.S. Dogfrisbee Lite Red Impresión Rojo €4,15
The Competition Standard Lite (CS Lite) is the lightest full-sized canine competition disc on the market. At 95 grams or less, the CS Lite disc is effortless to throw, floats like a butterfly, and is capable of remarkably long flights. The new CS Lite disc has exactly the same physical profile as the Competition Standard disc you know and trust, bu...
Ver C.S. Dogfrisbee Lite Red Impresión Rojo Compre AhoraC.S. Dogfrisbee Lite Red Impresión Rojo
Hero Super Atom Candy Firm 185 Hero Super Atom Candy Firm 185 €11,50
The Candy Firm version of the Atom has similarities with the Super Hero in terms of the material, but is smaller size. Perfect for cattle dogs. It is somewhat smaller than the supersonic, but has no double dome and therefore feels firmer in hand.Super Atoms have a comfortable grip and are especially good for cold weather play. Easy to throw f...
Ver Hero Super Atom Candy Firm 185 Compre AhoraHero Super Atom Candy Firm 185
Dogfrisbee Amarillo Impresión Morado Holo Dogfrisbee Amarillo Impresión Morado Holo €3,75
The Competition Standard Disc is light and floats really well. The disc is especially nice on windy days. It\'s perfect for long glides that inspire jump catches. This discs lower profile cuts through the wind better than the fastback does, and the disc allows you to have a better control in the wind. The discs lasts longer as well. We also advise ...
Ver Dogfrisbee Amarillo Impresión Morado Holo Compre AhoraDogfrisbee Amarillo Impresión Morado Holo
Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Blanco Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Blanco €3,95
Competition-approved flying disc released in 2017, designed especially for long flights, extended hovers and ease in handling. Softer tapered throwing rings on the top surface allowing for secure gripping. Anti-glare top and bottom.Diametro...
Ver Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Blanco Compre AhoraZ-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Blanco
Innova Hero Backpack Rojo Innova Hero Backpack Rojo €95,00
The HeroPack allows you to carry 25+ discs in a lightweight backpack style bag. Highlights include reinforced sides and top, along with a u-channel disc divider. Featuring nicely padded, adjustable shoulder straps, a top grab handle, dual water bottle holders and tons of storage, the HeroPack is great for Disc Golfers and dogfrisbee players ...
Ver Innova Hero Backpack Rojo Compre AhoraInnova Hero Backpack Rojo
Hero Xtra Freestyle 235 Hero Xtra Freestyle 235 €5,65
With the Xtra 235 freestyle model, Hero has made the ultimate canine freestyle disc. Since the original Xtra 235 model was almost too grippy for freestyle play, they have taken some of the grippiness out of the original Xtra Distance model but retained the durability of the disc. We think that this disc will prove itself to be the standard for cani...
Ver Hero Xtra Freestyle 235 Compre AhoraHero Xtra Freestyle 235
Ice Dye 235 Superswirl Ice Dye 235 Superswirl €15,25
SUPERSWIRL ICE DYES are made from a durable, bite resistant plastic, like the superhero disc. But the Superswirl Ice Dye discs were individually dyed by hand with eco-friendly dye, and therefore none of the discs are equal to each other. Because of this, it is not possible to select a colour option when you order them....
Ver Ice Dye 235 Superswirl Compre AhoraIce Dye 235 Superswirl
E-Ray Shoulder Strap E-Ray Shoulder Strap €24,75
This durable and smart shoulder strap is unique in its design and made to be lightweight. It should fit most players and can be fitted on every bag with 4 attachement points, using the four enclised snap-hooks....
Ver E-Ray Shoulder Strap Compre AhoraE-Ray Shoulder Strap
Innova Backsaver Innova Backsaver €31,96
The Backsaver straps are designed to evenly balance the weight of a discgolf bacross across your shoulders. This can greatly affect your performance throughout the round. The Backsaver straps can be used in combination with Innova’s DISCarrier, Competition and Deluxe bags. The straps are also compatible with many of Innova’s older bags such as the ...
Ver Innova Backsaver Compre AhoraInnova Backsaver
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