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Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Amarillo
Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Amarillo
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1 x Gamedisc Frostie Winterdisc Amarillo
1 x 110 gram DDC Disc
1 x Woodchuck First Run Putter Dark
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Azul
1 x Junior Gamedisc Veenendaal Tigers Naranja
1 x Gafas Daredevil Amarillo
1 x Teenpro kids ultimate disc Octopus Naranja
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Naranja
1 x Gafas Daredevil Azul Claro
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Blanco arco iris
1 x Junior Gamedisc Veenendaal Tigers Blanco
1 x Teenpro kids ultimate disc Octopus Glow
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Negro
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Rosa
1 x Super Glow recreational disc 140 G
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Verde
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Naranja
1 x Gafas Daredevil Negro
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Glow
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Blanco
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Amarillo
1 x Gafas Daredevil Azul Oscuro
1 x E-Ray Shoulder Strap
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Categorias Frisbees para perros
Competition Dogdiscs
Competition Dogdiscs
Biteproof Dogdiscs
Biteproof Dogdiscs
para perros pequeños
para perros pequeños
Special Dogfrisbees
Special Dogfrisbees
Bags for Dogdiscs
Bags for Dogdiscs
Dogfrisbee discount packs
Dogfrisbee discount packs
Nuevos Productos En marzo
Jawz Hyperflex Indistructable DogDisc Morado Anti Glare Jawz Hyperflex Indistructable DogDisc Morado Anti Glare €12,25
The Jawz Hyperflex is an ultra-flexible version of the Jawz that is about 80% as tough as the regular Jawz disc but soft like Hypeflites SofFlite disc. Diametro22,6 cmGravedad...
Ver Jawz Hyperflex Indistructable DogDisc Morado Anti Glare Compre AhoraJawz Hyperflex Indistructable DogDisc Morado Anti Glare
Hero Super Atom Star 185 Hero Super Atom Star 185 €11,50
The Super Atom is a biteproof disc by Hero. The Star version of the Atom has less similarities with the Super Hero than its Candy Firm counterpart, other than the fact it has a single dome. It is made from the same material as the Hero Suoer Star disc. That makes it light weight, but also very biteproof, grippy and flexible (also in cold weat...
Ver Hero Super Atom Star 185 Compre AhoraHero Super Atom Star 185
Dogdisc Starter Set 5 discs Dogdisc Starter Set 5 discs €70,25
When you start dogfrisbee at a dogfrisbee club you need a couple of discs. Depending on what competition you play (UFO, USDDN, Skyhoundz or NDDF) the maximum amount of discs are varied. Although there are different rules in different competitions, the most often used number of discs is 7. With 7 discs you can play all competitions there are. ...
Ver Dogdisc Starter Set 5 discs Compre AhoraDogdisc Starter Set 5 discs
Innova Hero Backpack Rojo Innova Hero Backpack Rojo €95,00
The HeroPack allows you to carry 25+ discs in a lightweight backpack style bag. Highlights include reinforced sides and top, along with a u-channel disc divider. Featuring nicely padded, adjustable shoulder straps, a top grab handle, dual water bottle holders and tons of storage, the HeroPack is great for Disc Golfers and dogfrisbee players ...
Ver Innova Hero Backpack Rojo Compre AhoraInnova Hero Backpack Rojo
Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy €11,25
The SuperSonic is a smaller, lighter version of the SuperStar, specially designed for dog disc pros. The SuperSonic is one of the lightest, durable dog discs on the market today. It adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, and at the same time it is extra durable, flexible and puncture resistant. If you want even more bitepro...
Ver Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy Compre AhoraHero Supersonic 215 Taffy
Innova Backsaver Innova Backsaver €31,96
The Backsaver straps are designed to evenly balance the weight of a discgolf bacross across your shoulders. This can greatly affect your performance throughout the round. The Backsaver straps can be used in combination with Innova’s DISCarrier, Competition and Deluxe bags. The straps are also compatible with many of Innova’s older bags such as the ...
Ver Innova Backsaver Compre AhoraInnova Backsaver
Innova Discarrier Bag Innova Discarrier Bag €89,95
The Innova Discarrier is the bag that carries all your needs when you are playing a tournament. The DISCarrier is big enough to fit multiple putters and enough discs (20-25) for any course!The Discarrier features an internal frame similar to the Competition Bag's frame to keep down the over-all weight. It is constructed 100% 1260 Denier Nylon...
Ver Innova Discarrier Bag Compre AhoraInnova Discarrier Bag
Hero Super Atom Candy Firm 185 Hero Super Atom Candy Firm 185 €11,50
The Candy Firm version of the Atom has similarities with the Super Hero in terms of the material, but is smaller size. Perfect for cattle dogs. It is somewhat smaller than the supersonic, but has no double dome and therefore feels firmer in hand.Super Atoms have a comfortable grip and are especially good for cold weather play. Easy to throw f...
Ver Hero Super Atom Candy Firm 185 Compre AhoraHero Super Atom Candy Firm 185
Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Naranja Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Naranja €3,95
Competition-approved flying disc released in 2017, designed especially for long flights, extended hovers and ease in handling. Softer tapered throwing rings on the top surface allowing for secure gripping. Anti-glare top and bottom.Diametro...
Ver Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Naranja Compre AhoraZ-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Naranja
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