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Albatross HP Long Distance Driver Blue
Albatross HP Long Distance Driver Blue
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Categories Dogfrisbee
Competition Dogdiscs
Competition Dogdiscs
Biteproof Dogdiscs
Biteproof Dogdiscs
For smaller dogs
For smaller dogs
Special Dogfrisbees
Special Dogfrisbees
Bags for Dogdiscs
Bags for Dogdiscs
Dogfrisbee discount packs
Dogfrisbee discount packs
New Products For October
Hyperflite Dogdisc Bag Black Hyperflite Dogdisc Bag Black €30,45
This durable dogdisc carrying bag is just the right size to carry up to 30 Hyperflite K-10 discs. (It will even hold the slightly larger canine discs made by the other guys). The bag has a mesh side pocket at one end and a zippered side pocket at the other. There is also a center side pocket for leashes or training manuals. The bag can be carried b...
View Hyperflite Dogdisc Bag Black Buy NowHyperflite Dogdisc Bag Black
Innova Backsaver Innova Backsaver €31,96
The Backsaver straps are designed to evenly balance the weight of a discgolf bacross across your shoulders. This can greatly affect your performance throughout the round. The Backsaver straps can be used in combination with Innova’s DISCarrier, Competition and Deluxe bags. The straps are also compatible with many of Innova’s older bags such as the ...
View Innova Backsaver Buy NowInnova Backsaver
Hero Super Aero 235 Hero Super Aero 235 €11,25
Made from a special formula of Super Hero plastic, the Super Aero is an advanced durable disc that weighs just 105 – 108 grams! Imagine a disc with the flight characteristics of the Hero Air 235 and the durability of the Super Hero! The Super Aero is extremely flexible and light weight, but doesn\\\’t wobble as much as light weighted discs normally...
View Hero Super Aero 235 Buy NowHero Super Aero 235
C.S. Dogfrisbee Yellow Purple Holo Stamp C.S. Dogfrisbee Yellow Purple Holo Stamp €3,75
The Competition Standard Disc is light and floats really well. The disc is especially nice on windy days. It\'s perfect for long glides that inspire jump catches. This discs lower profile cuts through the wind better than the fastback does, and the disc allows you to have a better control in the wind. The discs lasts longer as well. We also advise ...
View C.S. Dogfrisbee Yellow Purple Holo Stamp Buy NowC.S. Dogfrisbee Yellow Purple Holo Stamp
Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee €13,25
The Hyperflite Z-Disc Fang Dogfrisbee is a competition-approved flying disc designed especially for long flights, extended hovers and ease in handling. Softer tapered throwing rings on the top surface allowing for secure gripping.Hyperflites Z-Disc Fang FLX is an ultra-flexible version of the Z-Disc Fang disc. It is about 60% as tough as the ...
View Z-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee Buy NowZ-Disc Fang FLX Dogfrisbee
Superswirl 235 Top Dye Superswirl 235 Top Dye €13,90
These discs are beautiful. They are slightly translucent with a beautiful dye on the dome of the disc. It is more bite proof than a standard disc, but not as bite proof as the superhero or Jawz disc. It feels nice and flexible when thrown and they are safe for the dog to catch. These discs were individually dyed with the hand and with eco-friendly ...
View Superswirl 235 Top Dye Buy NowSuperswirl 235 Top Dye
Dogdisc Starter Set 5 discs Dogdisc Starter Set 5 discs €70,25
When you start dogfrisbee at a dogfrisbee club you need a couple of discs. Depending on what competition you play (UFO, USDDN, Skyhoundz or NDDF) the maximum amount of discs are varied. Although there are different rules in different competitions, the most often used number of discs is 7. With 7 discs you can play all competitions there are. ...
View Dogdisc Starter Set 5 discs Buy NowDogdisc Starter Set 5 discs
Innova Standard bag Innova Standard bag €32,95
The Innova Standard Bag is a high quality, durable, and lightweight bag. It is designed for players that do not wish to carry a large bag.The Innova Standard Bag is a high quality, durable, water repellant and lightweight bag with an adjustable strap and reinforced bottom. It is designed for players that do not wish to carry a large bag....
View Innova Standard bag Buy NowInnova Standard bag
SofFlite Dogfrisbee SofFlite Dogfrisbee €6,25
The SofFlite flying disc is ultra-soft for canines with sensitive mouths. Use the SofFlite disc to train your puppy or to introduce your adult canine to the pleasures of canine disc play. Although the SofFlite\'s canine-friendly plastic is very flexible, it still flies well. SofFlite discs are competition approved and perfect for canines with softe...
View SofFlite Dogfrisbee Buy NowSofFlite Dogfrisbee
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