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Ice Dye 215 Superswirl PAW design
Ice Dye 215 Superswirl PAW design
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Kategorien Hunde-frisbeescheiben
Wettkampf Hundescheiben
Wettkampf Hundescheiben
Bissfeste Hundescheiben
Bissfeste Hundescheiben
Fur kleinere hunde
Fur kleinere hunde
Speciale Hondescheiben
Speciale Hondescheiben
Rabbat Pakette fur hundescheiben
Rabbat Pakette fur hundescheiben
Taschen fur Hundefrisbee
Taschen fur Hundefrisbee
Neue Produkte im Juli
SofFlite pup Dogfrisbee SofFlite pup Dogfrisbee €5,75
The SofFlite flying disc is ultra-soft for canines with sensitive mouths. Use the SofFlite disc to train your puppy or to introduce your adult canine to the pleasures of canine disc play. Although the SofFlite's canine-friendly plastic is very flexible, it still flies well. SofFlite discs are competition approved and perfect for canines with softer...
View SofFlite pup Dogfrisbee Buy NowSofFlite pup Dogfrisbee
Z-Disc Fang-X Bissfeste Hundefrisbee Z-Disc Fang-X Bissfeste Hundefrisbee €13,25
Die Hyperflite Z-Disc ist ein von Wettbewerb zugelassenen Flugscheibe in ursprünglicher Scheibenform, etwas grosser als Hyperflites competitions standard. Die Z-Disc Fang-X ist die Variant mit bisstarkes, schwerer material. Damit entsteht eine Scheibe mit eine leichte Handhabung, die aber sehr gut fliegt und mit viel Power gewurfen werden kann. Ide...
View Z-Disc Fang-X Bissfeste Hundefrisbee Buy NowZ-Disc Fang-X Bissfeste Hundefrisbee
Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Rose Anti-Glare Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Rose Anti-Glare €3,45
The Competition Standard Disc Pup is light and floats really well. The frisbee is suitable for small dogs or pups, and to get your dog acquainted to play with a frisbee by letting it roll. The low profile cuts through the wind very nicely and gives you good control. The discs last long. This disc is perfect for pups and small dogs due to its ...
View Competition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Rose Anti-Glare Buy NowCompetition Standard Pup Dogfrisbee Rose Anti-Glare
Innova Super Heropack Red Goal Innova Super Heropack Red Goal €115,00
The HeroPack allows you to carry 25+ discs in a lightweight backpack style bag. Highlights include reinforced sides and top, along with a u-channel disc divider. Featuring nicely padded, adjustable shoulder straps, a top grab handle, dual water bottle holders and tons of storage, the HeroPack is great for Disc Golfers and dogfrisbee players ...
View Innova Super Heropack Red Goal Buy NowInnova Super Heropack Red Goal
Ice Dye 235 Superswirl Ice Dye 235 Superswirl €15,25
Hero Superhero Ice Dye 235 ist aus dem selben Material wie die SUPERHERO (bissfest). Die Superhero Ice Dye 235 ist aus tranzluzentem Material, dem von Hand Farbpigmente hinzugefügt wurden, sodass keine der Scheiben einer anderen gleicht. Das macht sie zu einer einzigartigen bunten Scheibe! Auf Grund der Vielfalt können keine Farbwünsche berücksicht...
View Ice Dye 235 Superswirl Buy NowIce Dye 235 Superswirl
Innova Backsaver Innova Backsaver €31,96
The Backsaver straps are designed to evenly balance the weight of a discgolf bacross across your shoulders. This can greatly affect your performance throughout the round. The Backsaver straps can be used in combination with Innova’s DISCarrier, Competition and Deluxe bags. The straps are also compatible with many of Innova’s older bags such as the ...
View Innova Backsaver Buy NowInnova Backsaver
Innova Competition Bag Innova Competition Bag €67,95
The Innova Competition Bag is an ultra-light and ultra-durable full size bag designed to carry up to 20 discs. The Internal frame provides structure and adds support to keep your discgolf discs or dogdiscs organized. While other heavier bags may carry more accessories, this bag is extremely lightweight and was designed with comfort in mind. T...
View Innova Competition Bag Buy NowInnova Competition Bag
Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Gelb Anti Glare Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Gelb Anti Glare €10,50
The Jawz Pup Disc is the disc that can withstand the hardest bites of your dog. It is simple indestructable. Due to the smaller size, this disc is suitable for smaller dogs or pups, and to get your dog acquainted to play with a disc in stead of a ball by letting the disc roll. It's developped to be tough yet flexible and it does not have the ...
View Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Gelb Anti Glare Buy NowJawz Pup Hundenscheibe Gelb Anti Glare
Hero Super Hero 235 Hero Super Hero 235 €11,50
The Super Hero is a disc that is approved in any competition and is also safe to use with your dog. It guarantees more game time with your favorite companion, due to its bite and puncture resistance. The big advantage of this disc is the fact that it is very bite resitant and it has the same stiffness as the 100 grams discs. Therefore you can throw...
View Hero Super Hero 235 Buy NowHero Super Hero 235
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