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Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Blau
Z-Disc Standard Hundefrisbee Blau
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Kategorien Hunde-frisbeescheiben
Wettkampf Hundescheiben
Wettkampf Hundescheiben
Bissfeste Hundescheiben
Bissfeste Hundescheiben
Fur kleinere hunde
Fur kleinere hunde
Speciale Hondescheiben
Speciale Hondescheiben
Rabbat Pakette fur hundescheiben
Rabbat Pakette fur hundescheiben
Taschen fur Hundefrisbee
Taschen fur Hundefrisbee
Neue Produkte im Juni
Jawz Hyperflex Bissfeste Hundescheibe Violett Anti Glare Jawz Hyperflex Bissfeste Hundescheibe Violett Anti Glare €12,25
Die Jawz Flex ist die ultra-flexible Version der beliebten Jawz Scheibe. Sie hat ca 80% Bissfestigkeit der regulären Jawz aber ist so soft wie die SofFlite Gummi-Scheibe.Größe22,6 cmGewic...
View Jawz Hyperflex Bissfeste Hundescheibe Violett Anti Glare Buy NowJawz Hyperflex Bissfeste Hundescheibe Violett Anti Glare
Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Schwarz Anti Glare Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Schwarz Anti Glare €9,95
Due to the smaller size, this disc is suitable for smaller dogs or pups, and to get your dog acquainted to play with a disc in stead of a ball by letting the disc roll. The Jawz Disc is the dogdisc that can withstand the hardest bites of your dog, while maintaining a soft touch for the thrower as well as the dog. It is developped to be tough ...
View Jawz Pup Hundenscheibe Schwarz Anti Glare Buy NowJawz Pup Hundenscheibe Schwarz Anti Glare
E-Ray Shoulder Strap E-Ray Shoulder Strap €24,75
This durable and smart shoulder strap is unique in its design and made to be lightweight. It should fit most players and can be fitted on every bag with 4 attachement points, using the four enclised snap-hooks....
View E-Ray Shoulder Strap Buy NowE-Ray Shoulder Strap
Hero Super Star 235 Hero Super Star 235 €11,50
Hero Superstar discs are made from the same durable, bite resistant plastic as the Superhero. It weight 5 gram less, and is a bit more flexible than the Superhero disc. Because of that, superstar discs are ideal for dogs who need a bite resistant disc, but do not like the rigidness of the Superhero....
View Hero Super Star 235 Buy NowHero Super Star 235
Z-Disc Fang FLX Bissfeste Hundefrisbee Z-Disc Fang FLX Bissfeste Hundefrisbee €13,25
Die Hyperflite Z-Disc ist ein von Wettbewerb zugelassenen Flugscheibe in ursprünglicher Scheibenform, etwas grosser als Hyperflites competitions standard. Die Z-Disc FLX ist eine extrem flexible version der Z-Disc Fang und ist etwas weniger bissfest als die reguläre Z-Disc Fang (etwa 60%-ig). Damit entsteht eine flexibele, leicht Bifsfeste S...
View Z-Disc Fang FLX Bissfeste Hundefrisbee Buy NowZ-Disc Fang FLX Bissfeste Hundefrisbee
Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy €11,25
The SuperSonic is a smaller, lighter version of the SuperStar, specially designed for dog disc pros. The SuperSonic is one of the lightest, durable dog discs on the market today. It adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, and at the same time it is extra durable, flexible and puncture resistant. If you want even more bitepro...
View Hero Supersonic 215 Taffy Buy NowHero Supersonic 215 Taffy
Jawz Bissfeste Hundescheibe Blau Anti Glare Silber Print Jawz Bissfeste Hundescheibe Blau Anti Glare Silber Print €12,25
Die Jawz hundescheibe ist wohl die einzige Scheibe, die einen Hundebiss unbeschadet uebersteht. Dafuer bezahlt man zwar, aber es lohnt sich! Die scheibe ist lieferbar in verschiedene Farben. Die scheibe treibt nicht aufs wasser. This Jawz disc features Hyperflite's patent pending X-Flash™ Anti-Glare Technology. Glare sometimes interferes w...
View Jawz Bissfeste Hundescheibe Blau Anti Glare Silber Print Buy NowJawz Bissfeste Hundescheibe Blau Anti Glare Silber Print
Hero Xtra Distance 235 Hero Xtra Distance 235 €5,80
The Xtra 235 Distance disc has stickier plastic that allows you to grip it and rip it, even with a disc coated in dog slobber. The grip, durability and stability of this disc make it the #1 choice among professional disc doggers. Over the past few years, this disc has won more toss & catch and distance events than any other disc. The Xtra Distance ...
View Hero Xtra Distance 235 Buy NowHero Xtra Distance 235
Hero Pup 120 Hero Pup 120 €2,75
The Hero Disc 120 is a great puppy and small dog disc. It is very stable at all speeds and is fairly easy to throw, for a smaller disc that is. It is especially used for training of small pups with rollers and small throws.Größe...
View Hero Pup 120 Buy NowHero Pup 120
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