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Innova XT Stud
Innova XT Stud
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1 x Starlite Boss
1 x DX Sonic LITE
1 x Discmania LITE Pro Basket
1 x DB5 Discgolf Basket
1 x Innova Mini Disc Golf Target
1 x DISCatcher® Traveler Portable Discgolf target Gelb
1 x DISCatcher® Traveler Portable Discgolf target Rot
1 x DISCatcher® Pro Expansionsset für Temporäre Installation
1 x DISCatcher® Traveler Portable Discgolf target Blau
1 x Skillshot® Foldable target
1 x DISCatcher® Pro Set für Permanente Installation
1 x DiscGolfPark Permanent Disc Golf Target
1 x Millennium Quantum Orion LS
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Blue Diamond
1 x Caribou GP Midrange Disc Pink
1 x Polar Bear GPX Putter
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Grun Plaid
1 x Beaver FP Putter
1 x Grizzly HP Midrange Disc Roten Blau
1 x Buffalo GP Driver
1 x Bigfoot GP Max Distance Driver
1 x Caribou GP First Run Midrange Disc
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Black Argyle
1 x Mammoth FP Overweight Driver
1 x Hyzerbomb Baseline Tank
1 x Innova Hero Backpack Red Blue Geometric
1 x Millennium Astra
1 x Millennium Quantum LS Polaris
1 x Millennium Orion LS
1 x Innova Super Heropack Black Star
1 x Mammoth FP Driver Blauen Print
1 x DX Wraith Distance Driver
1 x DX Katana
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Kategorien Innova DX
Distance driver
Distance driver
Fairway driver
Fairway driver
Putt & Approach
Putt & Approach
Neue Produkte im Juli
DX Stingray DX Stingray €8,90
One of Innova's all-time classic drivers to which other discs are commonly compared. Good for mid to long range drives, S-curves, and a favorite for rollers. Understable at high speeds, and overstable at lower speeds, this low profile easy to throw driver is a good disc for beginners.DX PLASTICInnova Deluxe Plastic bietet die grosste ...
View DX Stingray Buy NowDX Stingray
DX Shark DX Shark €8,90
A great all around driver that is stable to very-slightly overstable at high and low speeds. Perfect for beginners, perfect for advanced players. Possibly Innova's best all around disc. If you have to carry just one, give this one the chance. Easy to control, an excellent disc to learn with.DX PLASTICInnova Deluxe Plastic bietet die g...
View DX Shark Buy NowDX Shark
DX Roc3 DX Roc3 €8,90
The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade, making this an ideal 'Go-To' Mid-Range in almost any situation. Advanced players will love the versatility of this disc while newer players can rely on the consistent finish. The Roc3 is geared to be a fast, straight Roc that excels at controlled approaches and mid-r...
View DX Roc3 Buy NowDX Roc3
DX Dart DX Dart €8,90
The Dart is a small diameter putter with a straight flight. The Dart is especially good for long range putts and go-for shots. It has a flight similar to our Aviar Putt & Approach but has less low speed fade and a little more range. The nice thing about this disc, besides the improved grip, is that it holds the line for a long time. The Dart is our...
View DX Dart Buy NowDX Dart
DX Polecat DX Polecat €8,90
A non-beveled edge putt and approach disc. Modeled after the birdie, but with a shallower rim making it suitable for mid to long range putts. Flies straight; good approach disc.DX PLASTICInnova Deluxe Plastic bietet die grosste Wahl in verschiedene Frisbeescheiben für Discgolf. Sie sind billig, und haben guten Griff in viele Witterung...
View DX Polecat Buy NowDX Polecat
DX Sonic DX Sonic €8,90
The Sonic, based on the Hero 235, is a new putt and approach disc. This disc has a comfortable low profile grip with great thumb traction. As a putter, the Sonic has a nice straight flight and sticks well in the chains. The Sonic also makes a versatile short range approach and escape disc when thrown sidearm or backhand. For longer approaches, it h...
View DX Sonic Buy NowDX Sonic
DX VRoc DX VRoc €8,90
The VRoc is a convex rimmed Roc that is based on the San Marino Roc with more torque resistance and a smaller fade. It also tends to have longer range as a bonus. The VRoc is good to go for shot shaping Mid-Range duty right out of the box. DX PLASTICInnova Deluxe Plastic bietet die grosste Wahl in verschiedene Frisbeescheiben für Discg...
View DX VRoc Buy NowDX VRoc
DX Katana DX Katana €8,90
The Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver. Hit the angle right and watch it bolt out of sight. The physical characteristics resemble a Boss with the flight characteristics of a Sidewinder on steroids.DX PLASTICInnova Deluxe Plastic bietet die grosste Wahl in verschiedene Frisbeescheiben für Discg...
View DX Katana Buy NowDX Katana
DX Aviar3 DX Aviar3 €8,90
Aviar3 - die nächste Generation des Innova-Klassikers: flach, schnell und zuverlässig.DX PLASTICInnova Deluxe Plastic bietet die grosste Wahl in verschiedene Frisbeescheiben für Discgolf. Sie sind billig, und haben guten Griff in viele Witterung. Die Scheiben werden alt wehrend gebauch, und fliegen dann ein Bisschen anders als vorher....
View DX Aviar3 Buy NowDX Aviar3
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