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Daan Disc Glow in the Dark
Daan Disc Glow in the Dark
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Categories Innova Discs
Innova XT
Innova XT
Innova DX
Innova DX
Champion Blizzard
Champion Blizzard
R-Pro, Pro & KC/JK
R-Pro, Pro & KC/JK
Star LIne
Star LIne
Star Echo 50% Recycled
Star Echo 50% Recycled
Gstar Plastic
Gstar Plastic
Glow in the Dark
Glow in the Dark
I-Dye Discs
I-Dye Discs
New Products For May
Gstar ThunderBird Distance Driver Gstar ThunderBird Distance Driver €13,45
The ThunderBird comes from strong bloodlines. The stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie. This disc could be best described as a seasoned FireBird, but with less fade. A longer and faster TeeBird also describes the flight path of this disc very well. The ThunderBird is predictable in the wind and a great choice for your new favourite l...
View Gstar ThunderBird Distance Driver Buy NowGstar ThunderBird Distance Driver
Star Boss Distance Driver Star Boss Distance Driver €13,45
The Boss is our first Speed 13 Distance Driver. This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. The Boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade. Not recommended for players who throw less tha...
View Star Boss Distance Driver Buy NowStar Boss Distance Driver
Millenium Quantum I-Dye Q-MS 177 Millenium Quantum I-Dye Q-MS 177 €22,25
The Aurora MS (Midrange Straight) may be one of the truest flying golf discs ever made. It is the best disc to have if you only have one. Indispensable for beginners and experts. I-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC Every disc you see in the section I Dye is unique. There is only one available. This specific disc is exactly 177 gram and is made ...
View Millenium Quantum I-Dye Q-MS 177 Buy NowMillenium Quantum I-Dye Q-MS 177
Gstar Destroyer Distance Driver Gstar Destroyer Distance Driver €13,45
The Destroyer is a very fast stable long distance driver. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. Great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. Can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque. Not suggested for beginning players. GSTAR PLASTICGStar has ...
View Gstar Destroyer Distance Driver Buy NowGstar Destroyer Distance Driver
GLOW Aviar Putter GLOW Aviar Putter €11,45
Based on the Aviar mold but without the bead and with a softer plastic to stick to the chains. A little less overstable than the regular Aviar. Probably the most popular putter and approach disc in use today.GLOW PLASTICInnova\'s Glow discs are produced with a unique plastic that illuminates when exposed to light. It will hold a...
View GLOW Aviar Putter Buy NowGLOW Aviar Putter
Pro I-Dye Starfire 175 Pro I-Dye Starfire 175 €17,25
The Pro Starfire is a fast, dependable disc with a long straight flight and excellent glide. This disc is can add measurable distance to your drives. With its quickness, slight high speed turn, long glide and low fade, the Pro Starfire will fly a long wayI-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC Every disc you see in the section I Dye is unique. There...
View Pro I-Dye Starfire 175 Buy NowPro I-Dye Starfire 175
Innova XT Atlas Innova XT Atlas €12,25
The Atlas is an overmold that combines a firm, low-profile flight plate with a grippy rim. This Mid-Range disc flies straight with minimal fade, combining accuracy and control with an ergonomic grip. The Atlas performs well for both backhand and forehand throwers forgiving small throwing errors better than any other Mid-Range disc. The Atlas featur...
View Innova XT Atlas Buy NowInnova XT Atlas
GLOW Roc GLOW Roc €11,45
One of Innova\'s most popular discs, the Roc is stable at high speeds and slightly overstable at lower speeds. A great all around, goes where you throw it golf disc. Good into the wind. This is one of thew few discs that gets better as it ages.GLOW PLASTICInnova\'s Glow discs are produced with a unique plastic that illuminates w...
View GLOW Roc Buy NowGLOW Roc
Star Aviar Putter Star Aviar Putter €13,45
The Aviar Putt & Approach is Innova\'s most popular disc model. It is versatile and dependable in all conditions. A must have disc for any serious competitor\’s bag. This is the small bead model that provides an excellent grip. It is a straight flyer with a predictable finish. \r\n\r\nSTAR PLASTIC\r\nINNOVA\’S new Star Line is...
View Star Aviar Putter Buy NowStar Aviar Putter
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