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Categories Innova Discs
Innova DX
Innova DX
Champion Blizzard
Champion Blizzard
R-Pro, Pro & KC/JK
R-Pro, Pro & KC/JK
Star LIne
Star LIne
Star Echo 50% Recycled
Star Echo 50% Recycled
Gstar Plastic
Gstar Plastic
Glow in the Dark
Glow in the Dark
I-Dye Discs
I-Dye Discs
New Products For April
Champion I-Dye Monarch 171 Champion I-Dye Monarch 171 €17,25
The Monarch is Innovas longest range Distance Driver with a significant high speed turn. This predictable high speed turn makes the Monarch a good choice for beginning players and those with slower arm speeds. The Monarch also makes a great roller disc. This disc is much like a faster Roadrunner with more glide. I-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC ...
View Champion I-Dye Monarch 171 Buy NowChampion I-Dye Monarch 171
Star Aero Putter Star Aero Putter €13,45
The Aero is the best disc for beginners and players using only one disc. It is the straightest point-to-point golf disc and the easiest disc to keep on the fairway for beginners. It is a slow flying control disc with a large diameter and a significant amount of float. When broken in, the Aero will turnover very slowly and predictably. The Aero was ...
View Star Aero Putter Buy NowStar Aero Putter
Star Wraith Distance Driver Star Wraith Distance Driver €13,45
INNOVA\'s newest addition to the Distance Driver line. It is our longest and fastest Distance Driver to date. It is a stable flyer that performs predictably well in the wind with speed, glide and accuracy. This is our most durable Distance Driver in Pro plastic. This disc performs remarkably well when thrown at less than full speed as well as at fu...
View Star Wraith Distance Driver Buy NowStar Wraith Distance Driver
Champion I-Dye Beast 175 Barry Schultz Champion I-Dye Beast 175 Barry Schultz €17,25
A low profile, fast driver with very good glide. In the same lineage as the Valkyrie, but slighty more overstable. I-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC Every disc you see in the section I Dye is unique. There is only one available. This specific disc is exactly 175 gram and is made from Innovas durable Champion Plastic. THE CHOICE OF Y...
View Champion I-Dye Beast 175 Barry Schultz Buy NowChampion I-Dye Beast 175 Barry Schultz
Champion I-Dye Starfire 175 Sun Champion I-Dye Starfire 175 Sun €17,25
The Champion Starfire is a fast, dependable disc that is great into headwinds and has a long straight flight. Previously only available as a Fund Raiser disc, the Champion Starfire is a top performer. I-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC Every disc you see in the section I Dye is unique. There is only one available. This specific disc is exactly...
View Champion I-Dye Starfire 175 Sun Buy NowChampion I-Dye Starfire 175 Sun
Champion I-Dye Tern 171 Champion I-Dye Tern 171 €17,25
Like the name, this disc has natural turn. Similar to the Archon, the Tern is a fast slightly understable disc that is designed for long shot shaping throws. In the hands of a powerful player, it just may be one of the farthest flying discs due to the long glide and natural turn. I-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC Every disc you see in the se...
View Champion I-Dye Tern 171 Buy NowChampion I-Dye Tern 171
Champion Blizzard Krait Champion Blizzard Krait €12,95
Power players will be able to use the Krait as a finesse driver or long range roller. Moderate arm speed produces a straight, long drive. Although the Krait doesn\'t have a lot of fade, it\'s still a very effective driver in windy conditions. Sidearm throwers will appreciate the resistance to turn combined with a slow fade at the end of the flight....
View Champion Blizzard Krait Buy NowChampion Blizzard Krait
Champion I-Dye Blizzard Dominator 167 Champion I-Dye Blizzard Dominator 167 €17,25
The Dominator is a speed 13 plus distance driver designed to give the best of control and long line shaping for higher power players. Similar to the Katana, with more high speed stability, the Dominator has the glide to maximize distance with a predicable turn. Lower power players will be able to use the Dominator in weights down to the mid 150s in...
View Champion I-Dye Blizzard Dominator 167 Buy NowChampion I-Dye Blizzard Dominator 167
Champion I-Dye Rhyno 171 Champion I-Dye Rhyno 171 €17,25
The Champion Rhyno is an overstable approach disc with the Thumtrac rim. In Innova's words "It takes off very quickly from release but dramatically loses its spin in flight, making it superior for upshots into a fast green". I-DYE COLORS & PLASTIC Every disc you see in the section I Dye is unique. There is only one available. Th...
View Champion I-Dye Rhyno 171 Buy NowChampion I-Dye Rhyno 171
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