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Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Blanco Impresión Verde
Z-Disc Standard Dogfrisbee Blanco Impresión Verde
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1 x Marcador NFB
1 x 5 Discs Bundle for Secondary schools
1 x Field Marking set cone holder
1 x 10 Frisbees for secondary school
1 x Flashflight ( Vuelo-lucido) ROJO
1 x Flashflight LED Putter Disc-O Select
1 x Flashflight Junior Disc-o
1 x Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) AZUL
1 x Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) VERDE
1 x Flashflight (Vuelo-lucido) DISC-O
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Amarillo
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Naranja
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Blanco arco iris
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Blanco
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Azul
1 x Teenpro kids ultimate disc Octopus Glow
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Verde
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Naranja
2 x 110 gram DDC Disc
1 x Junior Gamedisc Veenendaal Tigers Naranja
1 x Junior Gamedisc Veenendaal Tigers Blanco
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Negro
1 x Super Glow recreational disc 140 G
1 x Junior Ultimate Disc Rosa
1 x Teenpro kids ultimate disc Octopus Naranja
1 x Teenpro Cartoon Glow
1 x 160 Gramos Disco de Freestyle Skystyler Naranja
1 x 160 Gramos Disco de Freestyle Skystyler Blanco
1 x Heavyweight 200 Monster Truck
1 x 160 Gramos Disco de Freestyle Skystyler Azul
1 x 120 gram Guts Disc
1 x 160 Gramos Disco de Freestyle Skystyler Amarillo
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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which disc do we advise for using in throwing and catching?
  2. With which disc can I throw far?
  3. I want to buy Ultimate gamesdiscs my school. What do you advise?
  4. What are the shipping costs for my order?
  5. Why only sells Daredevil Ultimate Discs?
  6. I want to organise Discgolf myself, which products do I need?
  7. I want to discover Discgolf. How to make a choice?
  8. I made a mistake in my order. What to do?
  9. How does ordering and paying work?
  10. Can I also print Gamediscs for Ultimate Frisbee?
  11. Are discounts possible?
  12. Which dogdiscs are accepted in dogfrisbee competitions?

  1. Which disc do we advise for using in throwing and catching?

    It depends on your age which frisbeedisc you can use best. For adults and kids over 10-12 years old we advise the 175 grams Daredevil Ultimate Discs. They are all standard gamediscs with the same weight and mould. If you are young, a lighter weight disc generally throws easier. But with gaining experience and age, you soon will be using the 175 grams disc. That is why we advise the 175 gram discs for age 10-12 and up.

    For kids younger than 12 we advise to use a lighter disc, depending on your physical development and throwing abilities. Check our Kids Discs, in the left menu, under throw and catch. The 125 gram disc is advised for anyone age 7 and up. The 110 grams DDC disc is advised for kids age 5 or 6. If you are looking for a serious disc that is.

    And we have the Aerobie Rings off course. People of all ages throw easily with these, even infants age 2 or 3. If you are 5 or younger, use the 10” Ring. When you are older, the 13” ring is best.

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  2. With which disc can I throw far?

    We get this question often. It is fun standing 80 meters apart and throwing something to each other with accuracy. Generally, a fast disc is flat, and therefore not stabile in flight, but flies very far, with less accuracy than a deeper disc. A flat disc turns easily when flying, making an angle. Take care of your safety when throwing, and make sure other people cannot get hit by your disc.

    Gamediscs Ultimate: These discs are meant to throw and catch and to play Ultimate Frisbee of course. They are stabile in the air and do not turn or fade, when given enough spin. You can throw several flight patterns and use several different grips with these discs. When you play Ultimate on a higher level, an 80 meter throw can be done. Because this disc is catchable, it is deep and has more air resistance than a flatter disc. Therefore it flies more accurate than far.

    Aerobie rings: for beginning throwers these rings fly farthest, but it is not a real frisbee. It is a very nice toy though. For adults: use the 13” ring. Make sure you have the space for throwing. These discs have the tendency to hang in trees and get lost easily in the surf, when you play on the beach. They are very vulnerable for a slight breeze, and therefore not very accurate on the longer distance, especially for beginning throwers.

    Discgolf discs: Discgolf discs are meant to play discgolf, not for throwing and catching. Even the putters can hurt you or someone else. They are smaller and less deeper than the Ultimate Discs, and you must really learn top throw these discs. A slight difference in the angle of release, and these discs change their flight pattern dramatically. Having said this, a distance driver for discgolf flies the farthest, when you practice hard. Take care of the safety of others when using these discs though. The rim is often hard, and you do not want to hit somebody in the head with it. When you are a beginning player, practice long throws with a putter first, before going onto using a distance driver.

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  3. I want to buy Ultimate gamesdiscs my school. What do you advise?

    See our answer under “Which disc do we advise for using in throwing and catching?”. If you want to play discgolf in school, it is nice to know we have very nice poleholes and putter discs for the best price you can get in Europe. Just contact us by e-mail for these items.

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  4. What are the shipping costs for my order?

    Shipping costs are generated by our website automatically when placing an order. The costs depend on on size and weight of the parcel. It is a very complicated calculation, which is impossible to show in a table here for all English speaking counties.

    What we can say about the shipping costs is that they are generally devided into the following categories:

    1 Aerobie 10"Normal postage
    1 Discgolf frisbee of dogfrisbeeNormal postage
    1 Aerobie 13"Parcel
    1 Ultimate disc of Freestyle discParcel
    Above 2 kgs (number of discs)Higher parcel price
    Above 5, 10, 20 or 30 kgsSlightly higher again

    Shipping Ultimate Discs is always done as a parcel. An Ultimate disc does not fit though the standard letter box. Discgolf discs and dogdiscs do fit through, and therefore shipping for these discs is less expensive when you order 1 piece versus 2 pcs. (normal postage).

    In getting to know the shipping costs of your possible order, just make an order and you will get a quote automatically at the end of the ordering process. If the shipping is too much in your opinion, just: don’t pay us! We do not ship goods that are not paid in advance.

    So you are welcome to place several orders, and play around with your order until the shipping is to your satisfaction.

    We ship to all countries. There are different fees per country depending on weight and size of the parcel you order.

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  5. Why only sells Daredevil Ultimate Discs?

    Simply because it is the best disc, when you concern quality of printing, design, available colours and material use. Daredevil Discs produces UPA approved Ultimate Discs, in very nice prints and colours, and for a lower price than competing brands. Since we started this site to offer a good deal to our customers throughout Europe, and we have the marketing strategy that includes promoting the Discsports, we decided long ago to sell this brand only for Ultimate Frisbee. We are now the sole European Representative for Daredevil Discs, and also sell in larger quantities to retailers throughout Europe.

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  6. I want to organise Discgolf myself, which products do I need?

    We have selected a number of discgolf products that are PDGA approved, suitable for beginning players and available for a very low price. We can deliver large numbers of Poleholes, Putters and Discgolf Bags in different colours. We have selected these products after having years of experience in playing discgolf. The putters also float in water.

    When you want to build your own Discgolf course, contact us for advise and a price quote. Make sure to tell us what your plans are (permanent course, semi-permanent, or even changing locations, the groups you want to play discgolf with (kids, corporate outings, etc)). We will give you a suitable advice an offer you a very good deal.

    When you order large numbers of these items, advice is totally free of charge, any time. We are happy to share our experience with you, so you can organise Discgolf in a safe, inexpensive and fun way.

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  7. I want to discover Discgolf. How to make a choice?

    There are large numbers of discgolf discs out there. Everyone has different preferences. Some people make it their hobby to find out what discs they throw best with. There are several websites that offer information about this.

    We advise people what to use, using our experience, and always offer the less expensive solutions. So if you want advice, let us know what your questions are, we are glad to be of assistance.

    We get questions like: I use the hookshot, but would like something less overstable. Or: i am looking for a putter for a beginning player age 12, what is the best disc to start with?

    We can always find alternatives for discs, solutions are there to be found for everyone!

    Just send us an e-mail.

    If you are a beginner, please consider using Lightning Discgolf Discs. Good price value, discs often float in water, nice colours, good grip., Suitable to discover discgolf. If you are a more serious, or a novice player, consider using the Daredevil Discgolf Discs. They have nice prints designed by John Noteboom, the #1 Discgolf artist in the world. These discs are all PDGA approved. Simply good material.

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  8. I made a mistake in my order. What to do?

    First, don’t worry. You can always contact us if you like, but it is not necessary when the order is not yet paid for. We only ship out the orders that are paid for. You can make several different new orders, until the order is to your satisfaction. Just pay the order that you want top receive.

    If the order is paid for, send us an e-mail telling us the order number, and the changes you want to make. We than will advise you what can be done.

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  9. How does ordering and paying work?

    You pay with us in the following manner:

    1. By normal Bank Money transfer
    2. By Paypal payment
    3. Through the use of Ideal / Multisafe Pay
    4. Cash at our door in Linschoten, Elsloo Limburg). No shipping will be charged on these orders. First contact us by telephone, after placing your order. You will get the phone number after ordering.

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  10. Can I also print Gamediscs for Ultimate Frisbee?

    Yes, you can. We use a minimum of 50 discs. Production takes place in Canada right now, so delivery time depends on the hipping method. We are working hard to be able to print these discs in Europe as we speak, so we can deliver quicker.

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  11. Are discounts possible?

    We can deliver discounts depending on the number of products you order, and the type of product. Contact us though e-mail.

    If you want to sell discs your selves, you can contact us, and someone from the overall company discs & Sports will contact you with the details.

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  12. Which dogdiscs are accepted in dogfrisbee competitions?

    When it comes to dogfrisbee, there are many products out there, and to make it complicated, there are also different tournament organisers. Some discs cannot be used for some of these tournaments, where in others other discs cannot be used.

    Organising parties are UFO, USDDN of SKYHOUNDZ. Dogfrisbee is usually not incorporated in the National Frisbee Associations. We think this can hopefully change in the future, so they can bring their rules and regulations together to make it into a unified, happy dogdisc world.

    We chose to only sell the discs that are accepted with all associations.

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