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Presentation Display Disc Golf & Dogfrisbee
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What's New Here? What's New Here?
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Welcome to The shop where you can buy a top quality frisbee that can be used in the official discsports, like Ultimate Frisbee, Discgolf, DDC, Accuracy, Freestyle and Dogfrisbee. is an official partner of the Dutch Frisbee Association, and is an initiative of ex international Hans Krens, National Teamcoach of the Dutch U17 Ultimate Team.

It is simple to place an order. Just subscibe your personal details, place your order, pay, and we will send your order to the specified address. We accept Paypal, Multi Safe Pay and normal bank transfers.

We also sell to shops and other retailers. If you need information about this, just send us an e-mail and specify your interest at The spirit of the game - the first rule of frisbee - applies on the way we do business.

New Products For January
Clubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White Clubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White €13,95
This disc is custom printed for Bluefingers Zwolle, a club that has helped founding together with the Dutch Frisbee Association. This disc is officially opproved bij the UPA and WFDF for ultimate frisbee, and we can always delivered out of stock.THROW AND CATCHThis disc is approved by the Ultimate Players Associati...
View Clubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White Buy NowClubdisc Bluefingers Zwolle White
Gamedisc Frostie Winterdisc White Gamedisc Frostie Winterdisc White €13,50
This is the new Frostie winterdisc. It has exactly the same highly durable material as the original Frostie winterdisc, but with a new print. Also a 175 grams gamedisc for ultimate frisbee, this disc is originally developped for colder weather. It\\\’s made from a much softer plastic, so at –5 degrees this disc feels as a normal disc does at ...
View Gamedisc Frostie Winterdisc White Buy NowGamedisc Frostie Winterdisc White
Pro Birdie Putter Pro Birdie Putter €11,25
The Birdie is a slow, straight flyer with our Thumtrac® grip for a sure release. It has great chain catching ability. Great for approach shots, as it flies straight and slow start to finish. It is one of our best “go for” discs as it doesn\’t go far past the basket on misses, and stays put when it hits the ground. A good disc for those players maki...
View Pro Birdie Putter Buy NowPro Birdie Putter
Gamedisc Ultipro UFO white / red Gamedisc Ultipro UFO white / red €12,95
175 grams gamedisc in white with two color print. This disc is produced in China by Yikunsports, a new brand in our wicked game.YikunsportsAt the moment there are two companies in China producing professional quality Frisbees. The disc you see here is produced by a firm called Yikunsports from Ningbo, China.Yikunports produces discs t...
View Gamedisc Ultipro UFO white / red Buy NowGamedisc Ultipro UFO white / red
Millennium Quantum JLS Sparkle Millennium Quantum JLS Sparkle €14,25
The QJLS takes the succes of the JLS int Quantum material, which allows for maximum durability and life. A QJLS is a great first driver that will work well as a turnover driver long after the word beginner stops descibing you.Millennium drivers and midrange discs have a stickier grip than regular golf discs. You get a better release, which re...
View Millennium Quantum JLS Sparkle Buy NowMillennium Quantum JLS Sparkle
S-Line DD2 Frenzy Driver S-Line DD2 Frenzy Driver €13,95
The DD2 Frenzy is currently the farthest flying Discmania brand driver and is possibly the longest flying Innova disc made! This disc offers tremendous speed combined with good glide and great control! This disc is a hybrid of Innova\’s Katana and Boss. You get the best of both in the DD2! Give it try – you\’ll probably reach distances you\’ve neve...
View S-Line DD2 Frenzy Driver Buy NowS-Line DD2 Frenzy Driver
Gamedisc Ultipro Tang-Dynasty blue Gamedisc Ultipro Tang-Dynasty blue €12,95
This 175 gram gamedisc has the official size that is required for playing Ultimate.YikunsportsAt the moment there are two companies in China producing professional quality Frisbees or discsports. The disc you seen here is produced by a firm called Yikunsports from Ningbo, China.Yikunports produces discs that are not yet WFDF approved,...
View Gamedisc Ultipro Tang-Dynasty blue Buy NowGamedisc Ultipro Tang-Dynasty blue
Star Gator Midrange Star Gator Midrange €13,45
The Gator is a very reliable overstable mid-range disc with a predictable finish. The Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots, even in windy conditions. This is a great disc for mid range shots especially for players who need to control their power and increase their accuracy. \r\n\r\nSTAR PLASTIC...
View Star Gator Midrange Buy NowStar Gator Midrange
S-Line TD Rush Driver S-Line TD Rush Driver €13,95
Rush out to get your Turning Driver... This is an easy-to-throw disc suitable from beginners to top level pros. This speed 10 driver has a comfortable smaller rim grip that offers a lot of glide with a very straight flight path. If you\'re looking for a disc that flies faster than Innova\'s Roadrunner but still offers some of the best glide the Tur...
View S-Line TD Rush Driver Buy NowS-Line TD Rush Driver
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